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Location: Park
Level: 6
HP: 80
Damage: 2/28
Target Gender: Female
Endings?: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Girl, Furry


Heat?: Yes

Danger Level: 6, Typical Environment: Park

Appearance: Cow

A twelve foot tall cow beast stands before you, 'Mmmmoooo' it says, 'Are you thirsty? I have all the milk you will ever want.' it exclaims, holding one of its four large breasts, milk slowly dribbling from its teat-like nipple.

Appearance: Bull (enraged)

A monstrous bull stands in front of you grazing. As you watch it sniffs the air and you witness the creature figuratively transform from docile to murderous rage in moments. You do notice a member of truly epic proportions slowly start to slide out from beneath the animal's belly.


Milk Spray (Cow - 5%): This special attack causes Bovine infection.

Rage: The Bull will only attack the player if they've successfully killed a Cow, otherwise it is passive and causes no damage.

Persistent (Bull): The bull will heal if he successfully hits and has lost 25 hp or more, restoring 25 hp.

Heat: The Bovine heat affects a player's desire for more cow milk as their thirst climbs faster the longer it's been since their last drink.