Automated Multiplayer Updates/2020 November

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REAPER OF CODE Inutt says, "Needy perk refunded since it only affected the currently removed web combat. (and apparently it wasn't working properly anyway)"

REAPER OF CODE Inutt says, "+rpinfo should be working again, apologies for the temporary breakage."

REAPER OF CODE Inutt says, "NComm system updated: Owners of private channels configured to allow access to a list of players can now add and remove people from that list without staff assistance using the new #addplayer and #removeplayer options. See <channel name> #help for additional options, and please get in touch if I haven't transferred ownership of your channel to the right person."

REAPER OF CODE Inutt says, "+roomequip should now be able to handle installing plushie shelves correctly. If you have one that reports it is full with nothing in it, please report it."

REAPER OF CODE Inutt says, "Rented room locks should now function more reliably, and not give misleading messages when attempting to lock a door from the inside."

Nuku drawls, "Reminder! If you've never gained levels, gaining levels up to 60 (max level) will increase your quick capacity! Once you've done this with ANY character, your account will be marked for any other characters."

Dog Song says, "The Saber-toothed Bard, Saber-toothed Soldier, and Sabertoothed Liger forms now use the feline web avatar instead of the default human one."

Dog Song says, "The Skunk Maid, Skunk Stud, and Sparkle Skunk forms now use the skunk web avatar instead of the default human one."

Dog Song says, "Added web avatars to many forms. Dragon: Diabolic Dragon, Fern Dragon, Hungry Plush Dragon, Ice Dragon, Pocket Dragon, Psilocybe Dragon, and Sandfire Dragon. Feline: Demonic Cat, Liquid Pantheress, Planar Panther, Sand Cat, and Witch Cat. Fish: Catfish. Fox: Celestial Fox, Latex Succufox, Sperm Fox, Vulpine Hulk, and Vulpine Mutt. Insect: Floral Mantis, Honeypot Ant, Peacock Spider, Pesky Gnat, Silk Moth, and Social Butterfly. Mouse: Country Rat, Mental Mouse, Mouse Taur, and Vorpal Rat. Skunk: Cactus Mephitaur and Mechanical Mephit. Snake: Sultry Snake. Also, changed the Wolf Spider avatar from Wolf to Insect."

Dog Song says, "Added the snake web avatar to Coatl Servant, Quetzalcoatl, and Royal Coatl."

Dog Song says, "Added the bovine web avatar to Rubber Cow Toy. Added the feline web avatar to Serapheline."

Dog Song says, "Fixed a longstanding issue with the Exploration lore files. The duplicate "Highway 50 -- City" and inaccessible "Highway 50 - City" lore files have been merged into one, allowing players to acquire all lore files from this set again."