Automated Multiplayer Updates/2016 May

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[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "5 makolunardollars being handed out to everyone! Thanks for keeping the game going. :)"

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna says, "Mistaken Furry Hide removed from Ember Matriarch and replaced with the more apt Feathery Hide. Missing flags added."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "From a suggestion, male infertility drug can now end and protect against rut for 12 hours."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "tag-command helpfile now lists two more options. taglist, which lists the character-specific settings for hiding content, and alltags, which lists all tags currently present in the system."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "it should be noted that tags, while able to hide messages, will still have those messages parsed. Stat-changes and impregnation will still happen, regardless of whether you hide messages like that. The tag-command's internal helpfile reflects this now."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "The target for peering through illusion nanomagic lowered."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna says, "Error in German Shepherd bonus power found and fixed."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "Fixed a display issue in +roll when including negative numbers."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna says, "Minor changes to Emotional Aura Nanomagic, both Secondary Target and IC Fluff."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna says, "Outpost Equipment: Nanite Workshop added back into the Elite Store with a new description!"

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Holiday forms for Mother's Day are in the shop."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna says, "Debuff debug messages have been suspended."

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1462980672) placed onto the poll board by Miorna, called 'The Dungeon Interest. +poll/view The Dungeon Interest to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "XKCDify updated"

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna says, "Nekomata given a lore facelift to better match mythos about the Bakenekos. Its power has been renamed and refunded. To aquire the renamed power, please head to the dedication point and rededicate."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna quietly yips, "Two-tailed Wizard has been added in! Unsure how to get it? Try checking your classes."

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'The Dungeon Interest' has ended."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna quietly yips, "Deep Healing removed from Fluffy Kitten Girl and replaced with Reinforcing Nectar! How did that happen?"

[Update] Ground Control commands, "If you buy reward tokens from the mall, using them will use the whole stack at once. This is a hell of a lot faster in terms of code than using each item in the stack separately."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "You can no longer stringparse +room descs."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "The same goes for +womb descs."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "The salvage market handles sell prices much more logically, especially when selling larger quantities of things, such as elites."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Social Actions should no longer be able to put you at negative patrol points."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna says, "Pregcast now has a note asking that you wait 5 minutes between uses to ensure each use processes correctly."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Boxing defense/damageresist adjustment now should function, you'll have to make a new boxing bag for it to take effect."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Adjustment to Berserker, bit less DPS, more survivability."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna mfmfmffmms, "Using an Automated Responce Kit will now trigger the cooldown of all other Automated Responce Kits."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Fixed a bug in talkscript requirements, it should now be happy taking badges in the requirements field."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Avoidance should now be properly helping your defense stat in calculations mid-battle."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Debug is back off, also, minor tweak to accuracy/defense code. We'll see how it goes. (Change shouldn't affect Rusted, since nothing's hit level 40.)"

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Avoidance now given a flat 5% per point chance of outright dodging incoming attacks. Let me know how it works."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "New Research Available"

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Dodging should now use the Target's avoidance, rather than that of the power user. >.>"

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "New vanity perk, Drug Resistant."

[Update] Dog Song pants, "Added Color Chooser support to Stag Beetle. Also fixed some typos in the form."

[Update] Cuddle Connoisseur Morrigan quietly yips, "The Weapon Master dedication class - Street Samurai - is completed and out in the wild. If you want it, go talk to Diya."

[Update] Dog Song deeply murrs, "Added missing female groin transformation message to Latex Snow Leopard."

[Update] Dog Song deeply murrs, "Deer Herm has received support for the Leg Splitter item."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Fix to concentrated, it should now properly be buffing single target powers."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Fix to concentrated, it should now properly be buffing single target powers.(forgot to included Rusted the first time. >.>)"

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna yips, "Impossible to Fail delay effect now properly delayed for 4 rounds."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna yips, "Target bug in Belittle fixed."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna yips, "Lecherous mod given a boost to active effects."

[Update] Dog Song deeply murrs, "Blue Sphinx groin mutation now works for females, herms and neuters."

[Update] Dog Song deeply murrs, "Skunk Beast groin mutation now works for females, herms and neuters."

[Update] Dog Song deeply murrs, "Mutant Brute groin mutation now works for females, herms and neuters."

[Update] Dog Song deeply murrs, "Quilled Tousky groin mutation now works for females, herms and neuters."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Lingering Kindness no longer makes repeats longer on friendly powers, which made them slower and sadder."

[Update] Dog Song deeply murrs, "Latex Tapir updated with Color Chooser support."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Regen Scrapper is now available, you'll need to really stock up on regen status to get it though. :P"

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1464475438) placed onto the poll board by Nuku, called 'Interest in Combat. +poll/view Interest in Combat to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Tukupar Itar, (Coyote's dedication-linked class) is now available. Expect mischief and trouble from these folks. Don't say ya weren't warned."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Confused, the status, obeys deflection, like all other debuffs."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Confused obeys high ranked status DR like all other debuffs."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "Costume Slip buffed."

[Update] Maid Treharne says, "Brawler's Lv25 ability Sudden OneTwo bumped from 10 base damage up to 12."

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'Interest in Combat' has ended."

[Update] Maid Treharne says, "As one of the first classes designed, Brawler was made before standards for how strong a class power is supposed to be were agreed on. As such, most of its powers (the attacks at levels 25, 35, and 45, namely) were rather lackluster compared to comparable mutant powers. They have been buffed in an attempt to bring them a little more in line with where the standard these days is supposed to be. Details coming momentarily."

[Update] Maid Treharne says, "Sudden OneTwo --> EN cost down from 10 to 6, Charge down from 0 to -400, Cooldown down from 5000 to 3000."

[Update] Maid Treharne says, "Dizzying Pummel --> EN cost down from 30 to 20, Cooldown down from 12000 to 7000, now has ConfusedDelayed2 at mag 10 for five rounds."

[Update] Maid Treharne says, "Haymaker --> Cooldown down from 20000 to 15000, Attack mag up to 3 from 1."

[Update] Maid Treharne says, "Plague Doctor has its plagueyness back. Overkill 1-->3, Enduring Malice 2-->0."