Anubis Servant (dedication)

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Judge them worthy of either the afterlife or being food for your pet. Win/win.


One can dedicate to Anubis within the Living Museum at the Burial Mound for 50 Mako.


Servants of Anubis can ignore death with their power of Everliving, and can call for Judgement upon their foes.

Additionally, Servants of Anubis gain 25% extra reward when using +gear/trash on items.

Additional Equipment

Name Description Mako Cost
Glazed Scarab An Anubis Servant bearing the Glazed Scarab is shown a greater favor by their patron. When defeated in combat, they suffer no lasting Wounds when risen again. The disciple must be actively dedicated in order for this affect to occur. 25

Thematic Information

Servants of the dark god Anubis, jackals imbued with divine might. Anubis Servants can defy death itself at their master's command, but must keep him in good humor through sacrifice, gaining extra cred for items they trash in his honor. Anubis Servants seek souls for their patron, but they never force something upon others, they bring souls by convincing others using their kindness and politeness, showing for those, the "right path" to be followed. Those who accept to follow the "right path" must truly accept it, accepting Anubis as their patron, protector and deity.

Form Profile

Anubis Servant (dedication)

Powers FSMonsterStub.png Organ Sizes
Arms: Bloodletting Height: 5 100 :Mass
Tail: - Breasts: 2 8 :Breast Size
Groin: Field of Dread Clits: 1 4 :Clit Length
Head: Penetrating Stare, Transfixing Gaze Cocks: - - :Cock Length
Legs: Snap Kick Balls: - - :Ball Size
Skin: Furry Hide Cunts: 1 14 :Cunt Length
Torso: Juggernaut Gender: Female SayVerb: reverently say, reverently says
Flags: Anthro, Biped, Canid, Supernatural Supports: Supports Color Chooser
Description: The Anubis Servant (dedication)'s body is covered in dark, obsidian-black fur, covered in gold hieroglyphics. Her head is drawn forward into a long muzzle, leading back past almost glowing eyes, topped by long, pointed ears. The angular structure imbues her with a very proud look. Her body is well shaped and flows into round, feminine lines. Her chest has two above average breasts, each of which are taut and have nipples that are softly glistening with wetness. Her arms are delicate but belie a strength that is hidden to the eye. Her legs are long and sweep down in curvaceous lines from her hips, strong but sleek. Wide, sexy hips are dominated at the rear by a large, soft tail that hangs down to her ankles. A glance at her groin shows that she has one always hidden pink clitoris and one large musky, heavily inflamed canine pussy, which all resemble those of an anubis servant.