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|sayverb=moisten, moistens
|sayverb=moisten, moistens
|flags=[[Aberrant]], [[Biped]], [[Humanoid]], [[Mythical]]
|flags=[//wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Category:Aberrant Aberrant][[Category:Aberrant]], [//wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Category:Biped Biped][[Category:Biped]], [//wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Category:Humanoid Humanoid][[Category:Humanoid]], [//wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Category:Mythical Mythical][[Category:Mythical]]
|supports=[//wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Category:Supports_Color_Chooser Supports Color Chooser][[Category:Supports_Color_Chooser]]
|supports=[//wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Category:Supports_Color_Chooser Supports Color Chooser][[Category:Supports_Color_Chooser]]

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Ame Onna

Powers FSMonsterStub.png Organ Sizes
Arms: Jelly Whip Height: 5 95% :Mass
Tail: Distracting Lure Breasts: 2 13 :Breast Size
Groin: Reinforcing Nectar Clits: 1 1 :Clit Length
Head: Unrelenting Suckle Cocks: 0 6 :Cock Length
Legs: Skitter Balls: 0 0 :Ball Size
Skin: Jellied Hide Cunts: 1 7 :Cunt Length
Torso: Abundant Supply Gender: Female SayVerb: moisten, moistens
Flags: Aberrant, Biped, Humanoid, Mythical Supports: Supports Color Chooser
Description: The Ame Onna's body is covered in moisture that continually drizzles over her body. Beneath the dampness, her skin is pale snow-white and ghostly. Vaporous fog clings about her, its chill wetness clinging and perspiring droplets now and again. Her head is partially obscured by her clinging, wet hair, but mostly human in appearance. Her teary eyes gleam, lightly sunken from the constant damp emissions, between dew-kissed lashes. The soft, puffy play of her lips bares juicy plumpness and a gloriously damp sheen. Her body is an odd mixture of slender and curvy. A waspish hourglass figure cinches her waist narrowly, but her hips and chest are both broad and sumptuous. As if retaining water, her body is turgid and very pliant to the touch. Her chest has two ... breasts, each of which are swollen and have nipples that are a little puffy. Her arms are chubbily swollen around her biceps but drawing towards a taper the closer her arms are to her petite, diminutive hands. Her legs are round, voluptuous thighs that taper down towards her knees before swelling again at her cushy, shapely calves. These, too, taper down towards fine ankles and tiny feet. The bubbly roundness of her rump sways and jounces with each motion. Her engorged mounds glisten with a perpetually moist crack and dew-gifted buns, perfect to polish one's face or other assets in. A glance at her groin shows that she has one ... long turgid clit and one ... long, ... wide sopping and plump vagina, which all resemble those of an ame onna.