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(As seen from Sil's IC point of view)

  • Zephyr - Greed and profit? Oh, that's not what Zephyr is all about. It's a means to the end. A tool. A nice side effect of what we do. The resource for our work. We, along with RSX, opened the gates to a new future. A future of incredible technological advances and our own personalized evolution. It might have been unintentional, it might have been an accident. But unlike others, we work with that. We take the chances, we see the opportunities in this. We work with those that are willing to aid us, we trade with those who are interested in what we have to offer. Our science will create a world that we, together, can control. Bodies that we can meld to our liking. Energy sources and technology beyond what we can comprehend right now. Our agents are our eyes and ears and hands, our labs are our vital organs, and both have to be taken good care of..or be treated in case of infection. The ferals are our subjects for study, the survivors the ground for our seed of science and ideas to grow in, and RSX a scared giant of the old age. We shape the future, and nothing can stop us.

  • Prometheans - Very intersting to watch how some of the ex-humans have developed a new way of life with the nanites. Unlike those of us that see it as a technology to be embraced, and unlike those who can't handle the trauma of P-Day, the Prometheans seems to have gone all back to nature. How ironic, given that they are children of our science, but at least they seem to appreciate it. They seem to stick to themselves, and we keep up trade relations with them. Good deal, I Guess. But while they also do not make interesting subjects of scientific study given that their actions are all too human, interference with Zephyr Labs operations will not be tolerated.

  • RSX - They created the Nanites with us, and alongside with Zephyr gave the world its new future. For that they have to be respected. Too bad that unlike us they didn't have the guts to stay on this path after P-Day. While on the surface formal relations and communications are upheld, they also clearly are the #1 mundane threat to Zephyr operations. For a group that have sworn to...remedy the nanite situation, they seem to be terribly interested in secrets and developments of our nanite technology. Not everything is as it seems, and they also seem to still have a lot of secrets in their vaults. Some have been aquired. More will be pried from their hands in the progress of this cold war. Zephyr Labs is ready, and ultimately RSX' denial to fully embrace and work with the Nanites will be their downfall.

  • Survivalists - Scared, paranoid and clinging to a world that just doesn't exist anymore. Nothing to be concerned about. Their numbers steadily lessen with each infection, and their anger grows. Once they snap they will drop their exterior of civilized beings and will lash out wildly. It will be their undoing, and they will become a mere footnote.

  • 'The awakening gods - The wild dice. The unexpected twist. I find it utterly amusing that people are more shocked at the nanites working than the fact that gods are rising. They shrug at an agent of these gods passing through, yet react with fear and shock when a new nanite strain rears its head. It shows how utterly denying and ignoring the mind can be. Maybe most don't even realize what's going on?
    If RSX is the prime mundane threat, these gods are the danger looming on the horizon. They are alien beings, not understandable with rational thought. They will not share our future, they will not aid us, nor is there anything we could give them. Their agents seep through the cracks and they seem to find their followers in all groups. The animalistic looks of many of them make them blend in well with the Fairhaven infected. Makes them more familiar. Less supernatural. Sympathetic. But ultimately the gods have their own plans, their own agenda. Each their own? Do they work in unison? It is hard to say, but it is clear that Zephyr needs to be prepared. There are beasts among the supernatual beings that seem to have followed the gods. If the gods are predators to the mortal prey, the gods are prey to these immortal beasts. I have seen them. They seem to be the only aid we have against the gods. The god's underlings can't hide from us, and when the day comes that the gods indeed try to interfere with the world we are building, the day they try to stop us, ancient jaws will find their prey once more.

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Stella - Biologist of Lab 6. Sil's mate, and unofficially running things when Sil is absent.

Kali - An NPC. Stella's and Sil's daughter. Half bovine, half snake, and somewhat of a bored overachiever. Fully grown and matured, and still naive and childish. Children are so weird these days. Sil loves her offspring, but often feels guilty about not spending more time with her due to her demanding work for Zephyr.

Taq - The virologist of Lab 6. Sil has a good relation with hir, and despite Taq's seeming shyness and sometimes scatterbrained behavior relies on this one heavily when it comes to anything viral, biological or Nanite based.

Taggart - Sil has a good relationship with the irish force of nature. Despite not seeing him often, and Taggart's mindset undoubtly very different from hers, they've always treated each other with a friendly politeness and shared laughs.

Loki -

Sparhawk -

Skylar -

Chell -

Cerine -

Venator -

Kori -

Ciara -

( PENDING. I'm time constrained right now D: )

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Everything contained herein is OOC information.

Just because you read it here, does not mean your character suddenly ICly gets ideas about it. It's all written down to give some OOC insight into the character, and present possible hooks to get into RP with me. If you are wondering about details, find typos or have ideas about certain things, poke me!

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  • Nanite Adept
  • Fenrir Wolf

Group: Zephyr Labs
Faction: Zephyr
Species: Female Lamia. Usually.

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RP Hooks
IC and OOC
  • IC is IC, and OOC is OOC. Really, if I'm mean to you ICly doesn't mean I dislike you OOCly. Please seperate such things. Also, OOC information is OOC information..not IC.

Stories and RP

  • Ultimately we're here to do one thing: Have fun. Having fun and telling stories. We're all collaborative writers of our story here, and this isn't some kind of contest where one has to beat or outperform the other.
  • A rich and exciting story is key. Make it suspenseful, make it casual but funny, make it exciting. Make it advance a personal plot, or tell a larger story.
  • Likewise, if you're godmodding you're ruining the story for others. Don't do it.
  • Try to remember the impact of P-Day on your character's life in a realistic manner. 'My character's so been a furry before P-Day, so this is -awesome- for them!' is a horribly simple and convenient viewpoint. It's also boring.
  • Please don't overuse cliches :< Constantly stuttering angst is overused. So is happy happy joy joy 'everything is so awesome now for no real reason!'. So is 'I've seen everything, I'm so BADASS!'. Characters are made of fine nuances and shades of grey, little quirks and subtle thoughts. The excessive overplaying of a certain handful of stereotypes has been done to death.


  • Sex is good! Sex can also get horribly boring really fast when it's the main idea behind the RP. It also gets horribly annoying if characters act like people who've seemingly never had any kind of upbringing before P-Day. Really, character development going from normal human to furry jizzing casually across the room in an IC day doesn't really show off a complex process or well thought out background. It shows off OOC fetishes having a higer priority than proper character development.

Getting started

  • Don't be afraid to approach me with story ideas, or ideas on how to get RP going! Be it in a small scale or with groups, I'm up for it. Zephyr Labs can give opportunities on nanite and science related RP, be it as a patient, a Zephyr worker, or some ongoing experiment. Outside the labs I'm up for casual RP, intrigue, conflict with other factions or just exploring the unknown out in the wasteland. As I said, ideas are very welcome.
  • If you approach Sil in a sexual manner, and you're not deeply involved with her, expect her to (usually) react as if somebody suddenly approached you in a sexual manner on the street. Because really, that's what your character is doing.

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