Devourer (dedication)

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Devourer (dedication)

Arms: Blade Flurry
Tail: Crushing Coils
Head: Sharp Bite
Legs: Pounce
Skin: Crystalline Hide, Plated Hide
Torso: Thick Shell
    • On construction **

This is commonly considered an evolution of the old nanites, a new generation that seeks perfection through continual research, devouring the data of the old nanites and using such information to improve themselves. The Feral Hunter is the form designed to hunt and consume the nanites of the obsolete mutants. The process reverts them to their original form, ready to be infected by the new, superior strains. The Devourer's nanites have a sort of collective mind. While they don't have access to high intelligence functions, they havea goal and they can understand if something is harmful for their host or their existance: a hunter that put their existance in danger with silly behaviors is easy to lose them forever.

Zephyr is aware of this evolution and studied it on the first specimen. While they feel uncomfortable with such creature going around, in the chaos of gods messing in the world that's not their major concern. Beside putting some behavior requirements while in the Zephyr's area, they just keep an eye open on it.

RSX is pretty eager to have a Devourer working full time with them. Very eager. The ability to consume the nanites from the target is really important for them, especially to help the recovery of infected agents or during physology treatments.

Prometheans are mostly neutral about the Devourer since they adapted socially to the new condition and they aren't interested in its abilities. Some extremist could still consider such dedication as a bad thing, since it could take their new world away from them.

Requirements: The focus of this dedication is collecting new form and evolve with the extracted data. A dedicant shouldn't have less that 375 forms. This value can change as the game progress and new public forms are added: A dedicant is expected to have the 95% of the available forms. Also, any perk that limit or impede the ability to shift or absorb nanites.

The dedicant needs to have at least an average level of intelligence and self-awareness. The EVO nanites would just take a random feral otherwise. Also, the dedicants can lose this dedication if he acts against the collectivity's wellbeing. Also, while possible, the dedicants are expected to collaborate for the ultimate goal.

Grants the Nanite Harvest and Feral Drive powers, as well as a novel shape and access to the recall command.

Costs 50 to dedicate. Dedication spot listed as "[Secret Lab]: Lab's Core", which remains a secret.

Special Tools: Assimilating Solution. Just sip these into your special hollow fangs and use them on someone to restore them to human form, at least until some other nanite infection get them. It costs 550FC and is available in the Upgrade Chamber.

Nanite Control Extender. No one is entirely sure where this thing came from or how it works exactly, but it seems those of Devourer or Coyote dedication can use it to inflict changes on other people as easily as nanite adepts change themselves. Frightening in a way. Available in the mako shop.