Two Headed Giant

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Two Headed Giant

Arms: Superior Fist
Groin: Cock Slap
Legs: Foot Stomp
Skin: Thick Hide
Torso: Muscle Mass


The Two Headed Giant's body is covered in oily human flesh. His head is an oddity, or more accurately his heads! Two sloping human heads look around, each guided by a will of its own. His body is very large and muscular, following the rest of the body in that regard. While human-like in frame and design, few would forgive one for calling the stooping figure otherwise. His arms are very burly, looking like he could crush melons between them. His legs are quite large, suited for carrying heavy loads and kicking annoying ankle-biters. His ass is a bit on the pudgy side, but lacks any other oddities. A private peek would reveal that: He has an above average dangling penis. He has small balls.