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Souls provide passive [[Category:Combat Skills|combat skills]] and four unique powers (except for [[Classless]]).
All new characters start with access to the [[Classless]] soul. All others must be unlocked by purchasing a (possibly mako) item.
Once a character has unlocked a soul, they can switch to it at any time outside of combat, for no additional cost. Upon switching to a new soul, a character will lose access to the powers and skills from the old class and gain access to those of the new soul (up to their current level).
The terms "soul" and "class" describe the same feature, but are used inconsistently.
"Soul" is used in:
* this wiki
* the <tt>list</tt> game command
* descriptions of souls in <tt>rpinfo</tt>
* internal game code
"Class" is used in:
* the <tt>class</tt> game command to change souls
* the web interface link for listing and changing souls
* descriptions of regular and mako items to unlock new souls
[[:Category:Soul|List of available souls]]

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