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When you defeat an enemy, your remaining damage carries on. 25/50/75% of the remaining damage of the blow on a direct hit (but cannot kill the new target with direct damage alone). If a DoT deals the telling blow, it will transfer over. If it was a repeat from a repeating attack, a random enemy will carry the repeat. At level 3, the damage can continue past the first target, cascading but not killing others). When you deal a blow powerful enough to be a mortal blow, the overflowdamage occurs 20% faster per point of overkill.Your massive blows chip and destroy at an enemy's buffs, clearing themaway. It works even better against higher-ranked enemies.

Available In Classes

Classless 0.4
Fullblade Edgelord 1
Heavy Fighter 2
Monster Monarch 1
Sniper 1
Statuesque 1
Tormentor 1

Available In Roles

Agent of Chaos 1
Big Hit 2

* 2 for All Natural characters.