Nanite Adept (dedication)

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Zephyr Labs will accept your loyalty and offers SCIENCE! in return.


Costs 50 Mako to dedicate yourself in the lab one step north and one west of Triage.


Grants the power to shift into any form you have mastered (list forms). Also grants access to the Recall command which allows you to teleport to your dedication point, Zephyr Lab, and then back to where you last recalled from. Finally you gain the Reconstruct power for combat use as you force your nanites to return to a non-bleeding pattern.

'shift' by itself lists the forms you have available. 'shift blue gryphon' changes all your body parts and gender settings to the Blue Gryphon default and costs 40 energy. With the Nanite Fine Tuner, 'shift legs=blue gryphon' changes your leg to the Blue Gryphon form and your sexual sizes to match, and costs 10 energy. Additionally, the Fine Tuner allows the Adept to save 'loadouts.' Using 'shift save/load=1/2/3' allows to save or load one of three saved forms.

Additional Equipment

There are multiple equipment options are available for Nanite Adepts. Adepts can have a Reconstructor to gain access to different versions of their Reconstruct power. The Nanite Fine Tuner allows the user to shift individual body parts with the 'shift <part>=<form>' command. The Nanite Focus Device allows a Nanite Adept to shift using the Fine Tuner when not actively a Nanite Adept. The Nanite Social Devolutionizer is the opposite of monster bait; using it will reduce the spawn chance of a selected mutation. The Nanite Carnal Equalizer allows you to take on the gender and proportions of a species without actually changing species, and bypasses size restriction perks. A Carnal Recorder can be used to save the size and amount of genitalia, restoring it later with a single command. The Nanite Spatial Recalculator allows an Adept to shift their size without changing any of form. The Nanite Resistor can be used to grant immunity to form changes, though not sexual changes, while the Nanite Sexual Stabilizer can be used to grant immunity to sexual changes instead. The Nanite Gender Assigner allows the adept to completely adopt the sexual sizes of a particular infection. Lastly, Kemonomimi Software allows an adept to switch to a more human-appearing, alternate 'kemo' form, if one exists for the current infection.

Thematic Information

Nanite Adept is a very invasive surgery that comes with intense training in how to manipulate your mutation nanites afterward, allowing you to return to any form, or with the right equipment, any parts of forms that you have become very familiar with.