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One enemy, several? Does it matter? They're all just targets waiting to feel your claws, fangs, and whatever other limb happens to be available to knock them down. You're a whirling vortex of destruction and moderately good at getting out of the way, but you're better able at continuing to mete out the pain while ignoring your own.

Soul Powers

Level 15 Will to Destroy
Level 25 Dance of Destruction
Level 35 Staggering Blow
Level 45 Frenzied Assault

Combat Skills

Level 2 Controlled Burst
Level 4 Avoidance
Level 7 Damage
Level 9 Endurance
Level 12 Controlled Burst
Level 14 Damage
Level 15 Penetration
Level 16 Overkill
Level 19 Health
Level 21 Rage
Level 23 Accuracy
Level 25 Damage
Level 28 Controlled Burst
Level 30 Endurance
Level 32 Penetration
Level 34 Bewitched
Level 36 Bleeding
Level 39 Speed
Level 42 Fast Loading
Level 44 Fast Loading
Level 46 Endurance
Level 49 Bewitched
Level 51 Speed
Level 53 Fast Loading
Level 57 Accuracy
Level 60 Health