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Web Missions

  • Web missions are accessed by clicking missions on the web interface.
  • Missions are often location dependent. You can see how many are in any given location from the Travel menu.
  • Some also require you have done other missions, gained a particular level, and other restrictions.
    • Missions you do not qualify for do not appear on either list.


  • Completing web missions will net you XP, Freecreds, and, often, badges. Some missions even give out crafting recipes.
    • Some missions also unlock more missions.


  • The only cost, for most missions, is the expenditure of patrol points.
    • It costs 7 patrol points whenever you attempt a mission related battle, win or lose.

Direct Control Missions

Missions are quests that give Reward Tokens for use in the Reward Shop. They take place in instances, private areas that only the mission runner and their party can enter. A new mission can be obtained 18 hours after turning in your previous one.

  • Note that all three faction mission givers are on the same cooldown timer.

Mission Givers

Robert - Up, East from the lobby of Zephyr, Inc. Typing 'list' here will access the reward shop.

Venice - Up, East from the lobby of RSX. There's a reward shop here as well.

Nicole - Taskmaster Quarters, North, East from the South gate of New Dawn. There's also a Reward Shop located here, though it lacks some of the options of the Zephyr one.

Sandra - 1 Down from Zephyr lobby, not repeatable.

Mission Commands

To see your current mission and its status, type mission.

Once you have found your mission area and would like to start the mission and enter the instance, type mission start.

Once inside the mission instance, you'll see a small ASCII map of the immediate surroundings. Your range of vision is dependent on your Survival skill. # signs indicate walls, while most other characters represent different passable terrain. Pink indicates the instance exit, red indicates hostile ferals, white indicates explored and safe, and gray indicates unexplored and safe.

If you are defeated in an instance and respawn, or otherwise leave the instance, you can return without losing your progress. Simply repeat the step above and follow the prompts. Also, instance battles are unlike ordinary ones in that they can be fled at any time by simply moving away from the spot.

Mission Rewards

Upon clearing the instance by defeating 95% of the ferals inside, you and everyone helping you (provided they helped defeat over 50% of the ferals) will receive a chance at an uncommon salvage.

When you return to the mission giver, you'll be rewarded with 5 reward tokens. Completing a Looted Strip Mall mission will get an additional 4 tokens.