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Species: Human
Gender: Category:NPC: female
Location: Mother's Milk Saloon
Sex?: no
Infectious: no


Lushie is rather unusual-looking, even in the context of the post-nanite world, her overall shape and features cartoonish and artificial-looking, which, alongside her vertically-compressed stature and propensity for large bosoms, gives her a short, stacked look. Her body is almost entirely hairless from the neck down, and her soft, light-colored skin is free of blemishes, wrinkles, and other imperfections, making it hard to pin down her age. She has large blue eyes, a button nose, and voluminous yellow-blonde hair. She's often found in the Mother's Milk Saloon, working tirelessly with a smile and without a care in the world, responding with a cheerful greeting if addressed, but focused on the art of her food, content in knowing that she's helping keep her friends healthy and full. If one were to ask for a taste of her snacks she would surely offer a taste, maybe even a special treat if you were to inquire.