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On February 11, 2008, a great calamity wracked North America: A devastating infection spread through the continent. The effects of the virus were numerous, and many of those who were afflicted early on lost their very humanity. Their bodies and minds were often warped and twisted into new forms, forms that then would do everything in their power to spread their affliction. Biting, clawing, saliva, blood, and many other forms of less savory bodily fluids served to spread the infection. Everything from air to water, and any goods or persons not sealed and isolated from the environment, were quickly contaminated, each a potential vessel for the infection to take root. The majority of people transformed into ravenous ‘ferals’ that sought to transmit their mutations to others, while the lucky few who actually managed to retain some semblance of their minds only rarely had the luck to survive long enough to find a way to resist physical (or at least mental) alterations.

Two groups helped prevent complete collapse: Zephyr, a corporate entity focused on advancing technology and results, and RSX, another entity tied to the government but entirely civilian operated. Both groups provided their employees with free and easy access to anti-infection inoculation, offering safety and stability to those who worked for them. The two organizations continue to spearhead recovery and rescue missions, gaining employees in exchange for food, shelter, and medication. More recently, a third faction has also risen to prominence: the Prometheans, a group of those who have decided to embrace the change and build a new society from the ashes.

In the ensuing chaos, it was discovered that the source of the infection was not a virus at all, but a strain of nanomachines known as the Promethean Nanites. The discovery resulted in the day of the outbreak being referred to as "Promethean Day", or "P-Day" for short. Since the two major factions stood to gain from the outbreak, many initially suspected that the nanites were deliberately released by Zephyr or RSX. However, it was later discovered that researchers from both groups secretly colluded to distribute Nanite Servers to the general public out of fear that the technology would be withheld from them. Many of the programmers who received these servers were not properly vetted and did not fully understand the technology, so it wasn't long before the servers were misused or compromised by malicious actors. Who exactly is responsible for the outbreak remains unclear, but recent evidence supports interference by foreign intelligence services in an effort to weaponize the technology, allaying some of the suspicions initially placed on Zephyr and RSX.

The three main factions have an uneasy truce, and all those who are sane and affiliated with them battle constantly for their own survival in the shambles of civilization, beset by hordes of vile creatures. Will you adapt and evolve to survive? Or will you simply fade to oblivion?