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As posted by Nuku on the Forum:

"Citizens are warned to find shelter as soon a...", the voice of the anchorman was cut off as noise from off camera drowned him out. Shrieks and shouts. The anchorman looks to his left just before the camera is knocked over, barely capturing the wide eyed expression of the man as he's tackled by something and knocked behind the counter he was sitting at. For a moment, a wriggling snake like object was seen from over the rim.

The noise rouses him from sleep with a startle. He had a bad habit of leaving the television on. What channel was it? Oh well, just a technical difficulty splash now. He fumbled for the remote and dismissed the image. Feet hit soft red carpet as he drew himself from bed. He wasn't sure why, but there was something keeping him awake now. A glance at the clock showed it was barely two in the morning. Work wasn't for another eight hours.

He moved through the darkness, his confidence in his knowledge of his apartment lasting right up to the moment his shin made painful collision with his coffee table. With a loud curse, he muttered, "Damn Mike, when are you going to put a light closer to the bed?" The words did not have reply, but Mike managed to not hit anything else before clicking the lights on, sending dull white light across his small apartment.

Futon, check. TV, check, Fridge, Check. The window facing the street outside was a dark square of the wall, but he could see the street lights outside were on. His eyes strayed to the coffee table he had just recently met with, and saw something new. There, in the crystal candy holder he had received for Christmas, usually empty, now sat a very colorful egg.

It was a lot like an Easter egg, but what was it doing here, in August? He hadn't saved any since then for sure. His sweet tooth would not have allowed it. He moved forward and plucked up the thing and sniffed it. Chocolate for sure, and no wrapper? They colored the chocolate? Mike was a bit confused, then he snapped his fingers. "Cindy must have snuck over and gave it to me."

Cindy was Mike's girlfriend. She was a romantic and their relationship was very good. It wasn't that unusual a thought for Mike to consider her sneaking over mid-night and leaving something for him to find come the morning, "Probably what woke me up," thinks Mike aloud.

He moved with the egg to the door and peeked through the peephole, seeing the hallway of the apartment building. A few of the neighbors were out, looking around and chatting with themselves. Was there a party going on that he was missing? Or did they spot Cindy as she fled?

Without thinking about it too much, he started to chew on the egg. At first a nibble, then a bite, and soon the entire thing was reduced to a greasy memory on his fingers as he pushed the door open and slipped in the hallway, still only dressed in his pajamas.

Eyes turned on Mike. He hadn't noticed before, but his neighbors looked a little spooked. "Hey man," said Chris, one of his better friends in the building, "You're dressed shitty for running." "Why would I need to run?" asked Mike. "I have no clue man. But I saw it on TV, they said to 'find shelter', seemed serious. Not PJ weather, you know?"

Mike shook his head, "Are you kidding with me?" And he stepped back into his apartment. Not to dismiss what Chris said though. Chris had his head on straight, and wasn't really the sort to play jokes. Mike pulled off his pajamas and moved into the bathroom to fetch some clothes.

As he stepped onto the cool linoleum, he felt a strange itching between his legs, behind his balls. He reached down to absently scratch at it, only to find that his usual taint was nowhere to be found, and that the motion was much more interesting than usual. New, pleasant, sensations were radiating from the point of contact and he gasped as he drew his hand away in surprise.

He looked around a moment in shock before he decided he had to know what was going on, and reached back down, more carefully examining himself. He found fur, soft fur, like one would expect on a cat. In the fur he also found a new entrance to his body. His time with his girlfriend made it easy to identify. He had a vagina, a furry one. Shaking fingers returning to view, he noticed his fingers were coated in some fluid, and he hurriedly stuffed them into the sink with some hot water, washing them thoroughly.

"Ok, stay calm. No point freaking out. Follow everyone else and let a doctor figure it out when you see one." He said to himself, taking deep breaths as he gazed in the mirror. Nothing else seemed out of place. He drew on some clothes quickly. They were clean, relatively, only worn twice since last laundry day. His outfit consisted of a plain grey T-shirt, some sweat pants, jogging shoes, and nothing else. He dared not put on underwear in his 'condition', deciding to go commando.

He grabbed a two liter of Sprite from the fridge, a half eaten bag of jerky, and some magazines he hoped he hadn't read too much already, and stuffed it in a small backpack. This slung over his shoulder, he stepped back out into the hallway. Chris was still there, but Lucy, another neighbor, was now gone. "Hey man," said Chris, "Waited for you. Let's get going. This tower of sticks isn't where I want to buy it, you know?"

The two descended the wooden stairs, emerging out onto the dark and cold streets. No one else seemed to be about, but the city was not still. In the distance, the screech of tires echoed sharply before a loud crash. "Holy hell," said Mike, "What's going on out here?"

Chris shrugged, and pointed south west, "I know a short cut to the bomb shelter. You know they still have those right? No bombs, just shelters." He started walking down the street, glancing back to make sure Mike was following, "I always made it a point to know where the closest one is, just in case."

Mike wanted to listen to his friend, but what was going on in his basement was becoming distracting. He felt hot down there, and increasingly like he had to go to the bathroom, but not quite the same thing. He coughed into his hand, glancing around the dark road, "Hey, forgot to go to the bathroom, any chance we could.."

Chris shook his head, "Don't be nuts. If something really messed up is going on, the last place we want to be is out in the open. Anyway, as I was saying. They keep the shelters in good condition, you know, just in case? We can hide out there until we get the all clear."

Chris approached a fence and hopped up, dragging himself up to the top of the six foot barrier, and hopping down the other side. "Come on man."

Mike looked left, then right, and clambered up. He wasn't in as good a shape as Chris, and more distracted, struggling to pull his weight up, and almost falling off the other side. As his feet slapped the ground, a low growl was heard from the street they had just departed.

Heavy and rapid slaps of shoes on concrete were heard. A man was glimpsed a moment, passing by the narrow but short alleyway in front of the fence. He looked scared, the color drained from his already light skinned and sweat coated face. He was not alone. A red figure was right behind him, chasing. Though it stood on two legs, and ran much like a human would, it was clearly not. It had the head of a fox, and a long red tail, and its entire body seemed to glisten in the street light's glow.

Mike was watching all of this when a hand grabbed him by the shoulder and yanked him down behind a dumpster, "Man," came Chris' voice, "Stay down."

The man and his assailant had passed from view, but not from detection. The sounds of the man begging the creature to back away, of pain, and eventually there was quiet. Chris took Mike's arm and pulled him to his feet, to hurry deeper into the alleyway, but daring not to speak further.

They were on the college campus, emerging out onto it as they exited the alley.

"What do you think it was?" asked Mike.

"How would I know? Looked like some-one's pool toy decided to get revenge."

"What about that guy? Is he dead? What if that thing comes after us?"

"That's why you should shut up and move faster," snapped Chris, though he was clearly just as frightened as Mike was over the possibility.

Mike was going to say something, but suddenly his sweat pants were wet in the thighs. Sticky and warm, he flushed in embarrassment, but then began to groan and huff. Something was coming out of him, pushing at his additional gender and seeking freedom. His walking had abruptly halted, much to Chris' alarm.

"Aw come on man. We're almost there, no time for sight seeing, what's wrong?" He asked, looking over Mike as Mike panted for breath and adopted a squat like pose. A strange mixture of pain and alien delight kept Mike in place as a large lump formed in his sweats, then ran down one of his legs. Tumbling out of his pants, an egg, extra large.

The egg was brightly colored, just like the one Mike had seen earlier in the evening, though its patterns were subtly different. It was also oddly devoid of fluid despite Mike's legs and thighs being practically soaked.

"That felt... weird..." panted out Mike, looking down at what had just emerged from himself. "Is that an egg?"

Chris reached and snatched the thing off the ground with one hand, the other grabbing Mike and pulling at him, half dragging him across the grassy field, deeper into the college.

"Too much talk, not enough walk. I don't know what's wrong with you, man, but unless you've been hiding something from me, you're sick freak," said Chris as he pulled.

Chris' desire to flee was quickly proven to be well founded when a female shriek echoes across the campus from the right. Both of their heads turned in time to see an older woman being assaulted by what appeared to be a skunk. This wasn't your garden variety skunk, of course. It stood on two legs, it shone in the light, as if plastic, much like the fox had, and it was clearly female, unlike the male fox.

With a shove, the skunk sent the woman to the ground as she called out for help. Mike took a step forward but Chris shoved an arm in front of him, giving him a nasty glare. The beast turned around and raised her huge tail, spraying the crying woman down with a thick looking black fluid.. As the fluid flowed over the woman's thrashing body, the resistance began to fade, as did the shouting. Her form became younger, and shinier.

The two men resumed their retreat. Faster, quieter, no longer watching as the woman became beast, and two skunks rose to smile at one another with sinister intent and move out. One of them chose the direction of Chris and Mike, be it by fortune or providence, and began to run on thick rubbery legs in pursuit of prey. She leapt up onto a cement barrier and looked down, seeing Mike as he descended some stairs, scratching at his ass.

She bounced down to the sidewalk and hurried after them, her grand tail swaying with each step, and her rubber body making light squeaks. The noise is what alerted her prey. Mike glanced over his shoulder before cursing, almost tripping over his friend before both were bounding down stairs, almost leaping the rest in their hurry to flee the pursuing beast.

They dashed down a short narrow corridor towards a heavy looking door. The stenciled letters of 'BOMB SHELTER' laid in wait for them. Its thickness seemed more a menace than a promise of safety with the beast right behind them. The skunk slowed her approach, smirking at the two trapped males and raising its latex fingers to her heaving chest, teasingly rubbing over them as she approached.

Mike began to fumble with the handle of the door, but it seemed to be stuck, only making hallow metallic clangs with each jerk against it. Chris reached into a pocket and drew out a pistol.

"Holy shit, you have a gun?" asked Mike.

"Are you complaining?" retorted Chris as he leveled it at the busty beast.

The skunk raised her hands, seemingly in a surrendering stance, and slowly turned away from the two. Chris began to relax as Mike wrestled with the lever to the door. A moment too late, Chris realized his error. He squeezed the trigger of the pistol just as a solid glob of latex musk fired from the skunk's exposed rump.

The beast crumpled to the ground, oozing latex like sludge from its head wound and going motionless. Mike jerked his hand away from the door just in time to avoid being hit with flying spray, but Chris was not so fortunate. He shook his hands, trying to get the odd smelling goop off of his hands, but it refused to come clean. The black sludge flowed up to his wrists, becoming uniform and all coating as it made his fingers long with pointed claws at the end, a mix of human hand and latex skunk paw.

Chris stuffed his gun away, "It's dead, get that door open already."

"I know you've got this 'I know what I am doing' thing going on, but your hands?" asks Mike, pointing at the latex covered digits.

"This coming from egg man?" Chris asks, reaching for the partially goop covered handle and giving it a few jerks, drawing nothing. He sighed, then banged on the door with his altered hand, "Hey, anyone in there?"

The sound of steel sliding against steel surprised both as the door unlocked, then slowly pushed outwards. A female face peered out from the room beyond.

"Mike!" Cindy leapt out and embraced the man tightly, "I was so worried, and you got Chris here too? My little stud muffin is so brave and smart." she cooed in adoration.

Chris was blushing and squirming in Cindy's arms. When did she smell so nice? Her hand crept down towards his buttocks as he began to speak.

"I can't take all the credit, or even most of it. Chris saved me, a few times by my count," he fessed, glancing towards Chris.

Chris was holding his hands behind his back, shaking his head, "We should head inside and get the door locked back up before more show up."

Cindy's hand reached Mike's backside, and she looked confused. Leaning over his shoulder, she peered down, "Mike, love. I know you like experimenting, but is this the time to be wearing a tail?"

All eyes went to Mike's ass, from which an upturned and large rabbit tail rested, soft grey along the outside, bright white along the underside. It twitched once, and Mike started screaming. Chris suddenly shoved forward, sending the couple tumbling back into the shelter. Wasting no time, he began closing the door and locking it from within, sliding the thick metal bar into place.

"Get him quiet, we don't need attention," hissed Chris as he began inspecting the shelter. A small sign announced the capacity of the place at twenty nine people, though that seemed like it would be a tight fit. There were dangling lights overhead that dispelled most of the shadow with cones of yellowish light.

Cindy pet and cooed to Mike, guiding him to a metal chair and having him sit before perching in his lap, straddling him, "Now tell me what happened," she insisted, resting her hands on his shoulders.

Mike began relating the story of the evening, but she interrupted him at mention of the egg.

"I didn't bring an egg over."

"You didn't? Who did?" he asked, confused, squirming under his girlfriend. He was becoming very hard, harder than he could ever remember being, and that feeling of needing to go to the bathroom was coming back too.

She lifted her shoulders, "Wasn't me. Wanna bet it has to do with everything else, and that tail?" she reaches behind him, gently petting the new limb, "You're still my studmuffin," she cooed, making kissey sounds. How could she be so happy at a time like this? Well, at least she wouldn't mind him being part rabbit.

"If you're not... upset about it?" ventured Mike, "I guess I can live with being whatever, if it means we're still together."

The two leaned together and began to kiss fiercely, hands wandering over one another's body. While this was happening, Chris was still exploring the shelter, taking stock of the food supplies(none), and air supply(plenty). He noticed the two going at it and left them to their business, instead focusing on a television he found mounted on a wall.

Click. The television did not respond. Chris muttered under his breath as he began to inspect it, to find that its power cord was dangling uselessly. He grabbed the end and stuffed it in the power socket close by. The television was heard before it was seen, being one of the old CRT models that needed some time to warm up.

"-To this, it is important that you remain indoors. Lock any and all exits to the outside and wait for assistance. If you see a contaminated individual, it is critical that you DO NOT make contact with them. The disease is extremely infectious and one hundred percent fatal."

The screen began to show a picture. Chris raised a brow. It wasn't a station he was familiar with. What was that logo?

"Hey, Mike, isn't that, uh, Zephyr? Yea, Zephyr. They make cosmetics or something don't they? Why are they doing the emergency broadcast," Chris looked towards Mike to see that the two had collapsed to the ground, stripping clothes off each other as quickly as they could manage. "... Never mind."

Cindy yanked off Mike's wet sweatpants and tossed them aside, then gasped at what she saw.

"Honey bun.." she said softly, reaching to run her fingers through the soft fur she found. Mike moaned and thrust his hips up as best he could. His cock was twitching over his belly, in Cindy's hands as she explored him. It had swollen, previously a modest six inches, now twice as long, and doubled in girth as well. Snugly hugging its base was a white furred ring of flesh, leading towards huge furry balls, also white in shade. She reached downwards, weighing the balls as she looked over her afflicted boyfriend.

"Am I that hideous?" asked Mike through clenched teeth. Her hands felt great on his sensitive loins. A large part of him wanted to dispense with the foreplay and tackle her to the ground right then. His cock twitched, spraying a thick load of pearly fluid at the thought. Not an orgasm, just pre fluids, he felt quite ready for so much more.

"N.no... You're fine..." said Cindy quietly. She had been a furry for many years, and now her boyfriend was becoming one. It was a strange fantasy come to life, and she wasn't sure how to handle it. She didn't want to hurt his feelings, considering he seemed alarmed by the changes. She curled her fingers around his swollen member, giving a slow pull, "You'll always be my number one ," she coos, leaning over him. The fur had spread from his new vagina over his cock and balls, and were slowly inching out over his hips. If she waited, she would have a rabbit for a boyfriend, or girlfriend? She frowned in consideration of it.

"What's wrong?" asked Mike, placing his hands on her hips, rubbing softly at her as he tried to think of something besides raping her. Her hands felt so nice on his dick. His toes curled suddenly as the sensation of emergence overwhelmed him. With groans and gritting of teeth, a new egg pushed through his furry lips. Cindy quickly reached down, catching the egg as it popped free.

"It's a boy!" she said in joking terms, "Are you ok? Did that hurt?" she asks.

"Mm, no, it's more weird than painful. Almost good if you try to forget that you didn't have that part this morning, or that you're now laying eggs," explains Mike.

Chris approached the two, "Hey, good news," he says in a sarcastic tone, "We got some crazy disease that's one hundred percent fatal, or so says the television."

Both looked up at him in shock.

Cindy frowned, "Who said that? He doesn't LOOK like he's dying." she says waving at Mike. "And neither of us are sick."

Chris drew out a hand from a pocket. The line where the latex stopped and skin ended had shifted several inches up along the arm.

"Maybe not you, but I doubt that will last with the way you two are going at it," says Chris, "But you're right. I don't feel like I'm dying, just changing."

Mike shook his head from under Cindy, "Wrong kind of fatal. Look, think about the lady we saw outside. She didn't want to be turned into a rubber skunk thing, but once it was done? She was fine with it. She was gone."

Cindy examined the egg in her hands, looking between Mike and Cindy. A part of her wanted to join her boyfriend, another...

"Are you sure it has to be that way though? I mean we're not being attacked. We're Calm, mostly. We could keep being us if we keep focused on it."

Chris pulled out the egg he had saved from earlier, "Again with the we. Are you thinking about eating that?" he asked, "Might as well. I don't think I can keep you two apart with anything less than a crowbar anyway." He tossed the egg, and it landed on Mike's belly lightly. The television had looped to the start of the broadcast.

"Citizens of the world. If you are receiving this broadcast, then things have gone as poorly as they can go. We of Zephyr Incorporated are here to help you, but you must listen to this, it is important that you remain indoors. Lock any and all exits to the outside and wait for assistance. If you see a contaminated individual, it is critical that you DO NOT make contact with them. The disease is extremely infectious and one hundred percent fatal. You will recognize our assistant crews by our logo, displayed to the upper right. Our vehicles will also display this logo. We are here to help you. If any-"

The message was interrupted by Mike, "Hey, Chris, could you grab my bag? I'm hungry."

Chris seemed surprised, "You thought to bring some? Good thing. That's the only food we have. What did you... Oh man..." Chris drew out the half eaten bag of jerky and the two liter of soda from the backpack and set them aside, "That'll last us half a day, maybe."

Cindy reached and plucked up the egg laying on Mike's belly, "What are you two worried about. We have a sink for water, and he's laying eggs. We got all the food we could want."

Mike burst into a short laugh, "Tell me you're joking. Those eggs turn people into rabbits. Also, whatever nutrition it has? Came from me already. What am I going to eat? Even if we forget about all that, it's chocolate. How long can we live on chocolate." He sank under Cindy, even his erection going a bit limp with worry over the situation.

Chris rose up to his feet and waved a latex hand at the door, "Well then we don't have much of a choice. We're going to have to head back outside and get some food. The mall isn't that far from here, and I doubt any cashiers are hanging around to take our credit cards."

"We're going to steal it?" asks Cindy.

"You can't steal in the middle of a crisis, you can only loot," replied Chris.

Both men suddenly looked to Cindy, who was voraciously eating the eggs, both of them, smearing chocolate over her lips as she hurriedly devoured them, then began licking at her fingers and lips to get the last of it. Half way through each egg, there proved to be an inner chamber full of yolk like material that splattered across her chest, cheek, and neck as she devours recklessly. Her eyes glazed a moment before she blinks and comes to, "Wow, those were tasty..."

"Why did you just do that?" asked Mike, "And are you OK?"

Cindy was still licking her fingers, and smearing them in the sticky white yolk that had splashed over her to lick that up as well, "I was just thinking about them, and they smelled so good, I had to have them." She smiles down at Mike, but the smile was wrong. Her teeth used to be straight, but now she had a powerful set of bucked teeth. Her hair began to bleach rapidly, becoming snow white, and two long ears projected from her head, "I never felt better though."

Chris shook his head, "You're changing even faster than we are." He pointed down towards her large upturned white tail, then looked back to the TV, "I don't mean to be a drag, but being stuck with two people fucking wildly is a bit awkward. At this rate we're not even going to be matching species."

Mike felt sorry for Chris, but found his hands idly caressing over Cindy's chest, massaging them as white fur crept over them, "It might be the disease talking, but having you with us doesn't sound like a bad idea to me."

Cindy smiled and drew away from Mike, moving towards Chris instead. Her chest was shrinking slowly as fur creeped downward. Her voice was lower as she agreed, "We're in this together, all the way."

Chris watched as Cindy's face pushed forward into a snout, becoming more rabbit than human, "Right... Well, we still need food, human or not. You two capable of getting dressed and not touching long enough to get that done?"

Chris' body was not immune to the changes affecting his friends. The black line of latex had spread upwards to his elbows. His forearms and hands entirely that of a female skunk dipped in rubber. Mike was entirely fuzzy around the thighs and lower belly, and his erection was more powerful than ever.

Mike was honest with the situation, shaking his head, "I don't think I could do it. It feels incredible, but it's hard to focus on other things."

Chris shrugged, "Fine. I'm the most normal looking, and changing the slowest. I'll go get us some food. When I get back, I'll knock three times, then two times." He rapped on the wall in practice, looking at the two, "I need you two to at least listen for that. Beyond that, do what you got to do."

With that said, he moved past the couple and started to undo the bar holding the door shut, "Don't open it for anyone else without that knock. No one. It doesn't matter what they say." He shoved the metal bar aside, "Don't forget to lock after me." He slipped past the heavy door, and his presence was lost as it solidly clunked back into place with the satisfying sound of bumping heavy metal.

It was quiet for a few minutes with Chris gone. Mike had gotten himself up and barred the door properly. He amazed at the feeling of his new parts, all the while hoping that he wouldn't lose himself in gaining them. His tail twitched and danced as he moved, and his huge shaft swung around with each step, seemingly always ready. His rabbit cunt was feeling hotter than ever, but he wasn't sure what to do about that.

"Hon," came Cindy's lowering voice, "You're putting on some weight," she noted, reaching to gently rub over Mike' now furry belly. It was clearly pushing forward, becoming a round dome and making Mike look pregnant. Pressing lightly and inspecting, Cindy could vaguely feel that the mass was occupied with egg like shapes.

"You're a regular egg factory," she said with some awe. Her own body was continuing its course. Her head was a mixture of rabbit and human, down to twitching ears and whiskers and sharp bucked teeth. Her form was becoming swiftly less curvy, but more muscular. The spray from the egg had landed as far down as her belly, which was now coated in soft white fur.

Cindy took ahold of Mike's member and guided him to lay down before she squatted over him. The time for foreplay had past. She sank down, pressing that huge twitching shaft into her unaltered sex. It stung a bit at the stretching, but she was set on the task, slowly fitting it deeper, deeper, sinking into her hot wet depths.

Mike seized Cindy's slimming hips and drove up into her, wanting nothing more than to bury his tool as deeply into her as possible. Their crotches met with a thud of fur against flesh. Cindy moaned deeply, placing a hand on her belly where the outline of the inhumanly large member could be seen, pressing through her body.

"Oh gods. I think you're in the womb. I didn't, fuck, think that was possible," whimpers out Cindy in pleasure, wriggling her toes and grinding her hips downwards against Mike. They began to rock against one another, Cindy's passage proving more allowing after growing used to it, enabling them to hasten their motions into a rapid pistoning.

Mike had never felt this good fucking Cindy in the past. His cock was on fire with pleasure and he wanted to get it deeper, grinding up against her at the apex of each thrust. Suddenly his huge furry balls clenched. He grunted, head flopping back as his hips rose. He could feel the thick volume of seed slowly forcing its way up along his long pole, inching its way through the tight wet tunnel towards the head of his cock.

"You're getting bigger!" cried out Cindy, misunderstanding the sensation, but realizing her error as the cock held snugly in her body finished its swelling and began to fire thick ropey jets of seed into her ready womb. Her body suddenly felt like it was on fire with alien sensations, and she went taught, clenching tight around the exploding cannon inside of her.

She had not known it, but her womb was shrinking in the minutes leading up to the mating. This reversed itself as the seed burned through her. Her belly swelled forward much like Mike's. Her eggs unified with sperm and fell down to her womb to swell into large chocolate eggs. Her femininity had been saved by their coupling, and changes pushed at her body.

White fur sprouted around her sex as the two shivered in extended, shared, orgasm. The fur spread rapidly up and down from there, though pausing just at her clit, which began to feel warm and tingly. She reached a hand down to rub at it, vision filling with stars as the motions put her perilously close to sensational overload.

The small nub of flesh swelled against her fingers, expanding outwards with each heartbeat as it matured and grew into a cock. Just under it, two large orbs descended, becoming fur coated and swelling to majestic size. Soon her male genitals were just as large as Mike's.

Mike's orgasm was just ending. The powerful blasts of seed were dying down to a mere trickle, and his eyes opened. He could feel his shaft still buried in the wet sex of his girlfriend, but he couldn't see the union. That spot was barred from view by her new, very male, equipment.

"Cindy, you alright?" he asked nervously, not daring to even move.

Cindy blinked open her eyes at the words, and drew her hand away from hew new hard shaft. She looked down at Mike with a smile, leaning down to nuzzle her snout against his cheek and neck.

"That was the best sex I ever had," she murmured gently, reaching back down, "And.. I have a dick." She glanced down between bodied, to where her organ twitched lightly, "God that feels weird, but so good.." she sighed out and relaxed against her boyfriend as her tail pushed its way free of her ass, long and snow white, unlike the grey and white patterns that Mike had.

Mike became worried. This all felt great, too great.

"Hon, stay with me. I want us to still be us when this is over," he whispered urgently, gently scratching at her sides with his nails. "I don't want to be two mindless rabbits fucking in a hole forever."

Cindy twitched her long white ears, muttering something intelligible and snuggling against Mike a moment before her eyes seemed to clear a little, then a tear formed, lost in the sea of white fur. "I'm trying. It's hard. It all feels so good. I just want to..." She clenches her teeth and sits up, rising off of her mate with a loud lewd slurp, "I love you Mike."

Mike rose to his feet shakily, just noticing that his transformation had swept down over thighs and he sported thick rabbit legs, more suited for hopping then walking. He took an awkward hop forward to be at Cindy's side and embraced her. She was almost entirely a rabbit, he noticed. "We'll beat this. We just have to focus. I love you too Cindy, let's live through this, together." he urges, clinging tightly.

Chris emerged from the basement of the shelter and had a slow look around. He could hear sirens in the distance, but it was otherwise dark, and quiet. He hopped the last step and began a hurried pace through the campus, keeping his head low as he rushed for the mall.

As he moved, he could swear eyes were on him, hungry. How many different creatures were there, waiting for something to attack and convert? So far he had seen a fox, a skunk, and if the egg counts, rabbits. There could be any number. So far, two were covered in rubber, and one was flesh.

Chris glanced down at his hands, shining when light hit them, coated in the rubber as they were. Pfft. Mike got to become a well hung rabbit, and I'm turning into a rubber skunk. Where's the justice in that?

His thoughts were interrupted by a sudden sensation of something passing close to his head. He ducked and heard something bounce off the concrete behind him. A glance revealed the feathering of an arrow. He heard a string being pulled taught and looked quickly, finding a man aiming a bow at him from behind a car some twenty feet away.

The man was illuminated by a streetlamp that was directly overhead, highlighting his well muscled physique, and the simple but effective nature of the weapon he was wielding.

Chris dove to the side, behind another car, just in time to see the arrow crash into the ground about where he was standing a moment ago. He drew his pistol free and readied it, going still. He heard an odd clopping sound, like a horse. Was the guy mounted?

Chris rolled out from behind the car, gun rolling up into firing position as he made to fire at...

His fire hesitated as he beheld the creature in front of him. Half man, half horse. A centaur in the flesh. The man he saw only existed to where his hips would be, instead flowing into a large horse body. Chris was no expert on horses, and wasn't sure what breed it was, but it had brown hair. The man was, technically, naked, though his lower half was too furry to really make the title stick.

The centaur wasn't as impressed with Chris as Chris was with him. He let his arrow fly and it whizzed at Chris. Chris hissed in pain as it brushed against his right shin on passing, cutting it with a flash of pain. The pain swelled agonizingly in a moment before exploding in a numb pulsing.

Chris' right shin felt different, becoming slimmer and bonier. Chris frowned and began firing at the mythological creature. The first shot struck it in the chest, making it stagger back. The centaur raised its bow as if to fire again, and the second bullet got it straight in the chest. Bronzed muscles made for poor bullet proofing, and the centaur collapsed in place, bleeding out onto the dark street.

Chris rose to his feet, winced, and reached down to the wound on his leg. It wasn't bleeding. The scratch seemed to be mostly gone, but so was the humanity of his shin. Covered in brown fur, it was clearly a shin more suited for a hose than a man.

"Damn," he said to himself before rising back up and hurrying down the street. What bothered him more than the fresh infection was that his pistol only had a few bullets left.

He could see the mall up ahead. The commercial area of the city, the result of millions of dollars of effort to draw in business. Of course, that all seemed quite silly with the city under siege by all sorts of strange creatures. Chris thought about it with amusement as he walked past the lit, bubbling, fountain and towards the mall entrance.

He felt reasonably safe. The area was well lit, and seemingly abandoned. What was more surprising was that the mall seemed to be open at that late hour. He walked up to the doors that slide open for him, and proceeded inside, looking around carefully.

He saw several people wandering around, and was sure he could see a few more down in the food court. So they were not the only survivors. That was encouraging news. He waved towards the people and approached them.

"Hey," Chris called out, "The mall acting as a shelter?" As he got closer, he noticed a few things off about the people. Three out of five of them had long naked tails, like a rat. When they turned towards him, he could see several had slender snouts to match. They didn't seem to mind it much though, and weren't making any hostile moves.

"Woah, looks like you've been through harsh times," said one of the males, "You should get some new threads." He pointed upwards, towards the clothing stores on the second floor.

"Like, totally," agreed one of the females. She was almost entirely rat, but the transformation did not seem to be impeding her ability to speak or socialize, "We'll show you the way, ok? We'll have you looking fabulous in no time."

Just listening to them was making Chris' ass itch for some reason, and he reached a latex clad hand back to rub at the base of his spine lightly, "Well, thanks. But aren't you worried about, you know... the whole rat thing?" he asked.

The one female that did not already have a partner moved over to stand close to Chris, "Why would that worry us? We never felt greater," she insists. She had light mousy grey fur and large ears. Her build, like her friends, was slim and athletic. She seemed kind enough, and made no move to attack, none of them did, just guiding Chris along through the mall towards the clothing store.

Slithering free of his pants, Chris did not even notice his new tail coming in, long and naked, a good and proper rat's tail.

The clothing store had a wide selection, and the group of rat people scattered, bringing back a selection of outfits for Chris to choose from. Not wanting to waste too much time, he only consented to changing his torn pants. The group escorted him, en masse, to the fitting rooms with about six pants to choose from. As he slipped into the fitting area, the uncoupled rat slipped in with him.

Chris glanced up at her, "I can put on pants on my own. You should wait outside with the others," he said as politely as he could, not wanting to offend his hosts. She shook her head and came up close.

"Don't be silly. I'll help, besides, you have such a nice tail." she complimented.

Tail? Chris grit his teeth and almost tore off his pants, looking over himself from the waist down. He had a long pink rat's tail, and the infection from the centaur had spread down to his foot, which was now a solid hoof instead. He sighed lightly, wondering just how many species he'd pick up before he could get back to his friends.

"Look, thanks, wait outside," he said firmly. The female seemed hurt, but backed away through the swinging doors. He could hear her talking with her friends, asking for advice in how to win him over. He sighed and quickly found a working pair of pants, keeping his tail on the inside to run down a leg.

Chris patted himself down, then realized his gun was not present. He glanced about for his other pants, and saw that they were also missing.

"Could someone pass me my old pants?" he called out to the group of rats outside.

"What do you need those for?" asked one of the two males, previously part human, now entirely rat hybrid. He had thick black fur everywhere but his pink paws and tail. "Come on out and let's have a look at you."

Unarmed and untrained in martial arts, Chris decided that staying on the good side of his hosts would be the best call. He slid out of the fitting room, showing off his new black khakis, "Do you think it's too much?" he asks, feigning interest in the clothing. He never cared much for fashion. Give him a good set of jeans that'll last a few years, that's the way to do it.

"You know," thinks Chris out loud, "You're all mall rats."

The five peered at him oddly a moment, before the ice was broken by the single female bursting into laughter, "He's right. We live in a mall, and we're rats, mall rats. Get it? Totally radical thinking man." she reached and slapped Chris lightly on the shoulder in appreciation. The others began to join in smiling, suddenly getting the joke, or at least pretending it.

They gathered close to Chris, but were already guiding him out of the clothing store, talking animatedly about fashion, the latest movies, and what they would eat later. Chris listened idly at first, and his ass began to itch again, grey fur spreading out over his buttocks as he fell into the droning of the words. He shook his head vigorously and pat his now tighter bottom before glancing around.

"Oh, hey. I have these friends. They're waiting for me to bring them back some food. Can you hook me up?"

The single rat woman sidled up next to Chris, draping a furry arm around his back and rubbing small circles into his side with her pink paw, "Sure we can do that for someone as cool as you, for sure. We'll just visit the food court."

The group moved in unison through the brightly lit mall. They were far from alone. Chris counted at least four other groups of mall rats, varying in size from two to the largest weighing in at twelve. They seemed to prefer coupling up, one male to one female. Where there was an odd number, the odd male or female out would mope along with the group.

Since Chris made his group even, the previously odd one out clung to him quite tenaciously, seeming to try and win his heart and make their couple status official. Chris was sure that wasn't a good idea. Falling in with this girl would probably mean wandering the mall forever, gossiping about nothing and shopping until death. Not his idea of a great retirement plan. He played along though, reaching a hand back around the female and holding her as the group moved into the food court.

The rat that seemed to be in charge moved ahead, glancing left and right before he hopped over the counter dexterously and began to plunder the Chinese food stand of its contents, filling many small bags with the supplies and stacking them up on the counter.

"You sure you don't want to... stay, with me, I mean us!" squeaked the lonely female, pressing in tight to Chris, "We could keep you happy, I mean, there's so much to look at here in the mall, and we're never hungry or cold. It'd be totally rad."

Chris shook his head, "Let me put it this way. You're all a tight group, right? If some of you were locked in a closet, the others would help them out, right? My group needs me, so I can't abandon them, even if you are all cool."

The female pouted, but the others seemed understanding. The collection of food was dropped into a large bag and surrendered to Chris, "Here you go champ. You change your mind, you come back and you can run with us anytime." They shook hands firmly, then the male whistled. He guided the group back into the mall, leaving Chris behind. The odd female out looked over her shoulder until Chris could no longer be seen.

Mike and Cindy had fallen into one another's arms. Though they tried to focus on their human selves, the rabbits they had become were so very insistent. Mike had blossomed out into female curves, with large breasts, wide hips, and a soft tone of voice. Cindy, to be contrary, was now male, with a strong chiseled physique under the fur and a deep voice.

The two rocked against one another, taking turns filling one another with their large shafts, reciting moments of their life they remember the most. Each recitation came slower. It was harder to think, easier to just thrust. In desperation, they began to claw lightly at one another, the pain helping to bring shreds of focus to their unending breeding session.

"Do you remember," asked Mike, twitching his new rabbit ears, "When we first met," his words were slow, interrupted by their frantic coupling. "At that party. I think Chris dragged me there, oh yea."

"I remember, it's almost all I remember," said Cindy, eyes closed as she moved against Mike, "Mike?"

"Yea hon?"

"If I. If I go, you know, go. If that happens," she said, fumbling for the right words, "Take care of me, alright? I'll always love you, even if I can't say it right."

The two grew quiet, love making pausing as they embraced tightly.

A loud banging startled them from their fading thoughts. They rose to their large feet and looked at each other, then the door, from which another series of loud bangs came.

"Not, uh, fuck, what was it?" asked Mike.

Cindy held up two furry fingers, "Two and two, right? It isn't that." she shook her rabbit head quickly back and forth.

Mike shouted at the door, "There's no one here, go away!"

Cindy joined, "Yea, move along, nothing to see here."

The banging ceased, and things became quiet again. A voice came then. They could hear it, human, male. they couldn't pick out the words though, no matter how much they strained their long ears. More words, a pause, a few more.

As quiet returned, they leaned against one another, gently nuzzling in nervousness. The interruption had defused their libido for the moment, and they just waited for the sense of danger to pass.

The door exploded off its hinges, leaping inwards a solid foot before it began to waver. The two rabbits ducked to either side of the heavy obstacle as it came crashing down, bringing with it smoke from the explosion that took it down.

Neither could see, but they could hear heavily booted feet march in over the door. They were seized and thrust to the ground, their arms pinned behind their back. Mike began to whine and cry, even as he wondered why he was crying. He wasn't usually that sort of guy... girl... Whatever.

With a soft psst of an air dart, both of the changed people were sent into the tender embrace of darkness.

"We have two infected collected," speaks a male voice through a re-breather, "Possible chance of mental cohesion. We're bringing them in. None other present. Continuing search pattern."

There was a soft beep of acknowledgement, and a reply in tinny radio before the heavily armored man gestured to his subordinates, and they departed the bomb shelter, carrying their cargo over shoulders.

As Chris walked North, away from the commercial district and back towards campus, he noticed that the city was more alive than he left it, but not really for the better. He could hear the sirens. They were much closer. The mutants seemed to be more active as well. He had to dart from spot to spot to avoid them. Cats. Rats, then cats. There was a poetic justice to this in Chris' head.

Movement was interesting, thanks to both of his legs now terminating in thick hard hooves. The skunk infection had traveled up to his shoulders, his entire arms coated in rubber. His hips and belly were covered in the grey fur of a rat. Chris felt like a mess, but at least he was a living mess, and he still had his wits.

The cats seemed more related to the rabbits than anything else. Hypersexed, and coming in two sized. The larger ones looked like they were in their early twenties and were quite attractive, if one didn't mind the feline portions of them. The smaller ones were only about four feet tall, but every bit as curvy and wanton. It was difficult to place the age of the small ones, and it didn't really matter.

Chris was fairly sure that if he let the small ones find him, he'd become one of them, and likely the same with the larger. If only there weren't so many of the creatures. Not to say they were alone. Other centaurs and skunks were around. They were easier to avoid, for some reason, but the cats always seemed to be watching where he was going, and it was making him nervous.

He glanced down at his watch, almost seven. The sun should rise soon, he reckoned. That would make everything a lot easier, for everyone. He'd spot, and be spotted almost instantly. He renewed his efforts, leaping over a fence onto campus, to land in the arms of something furry and soft.

"A man..." came a purr. It was one of the big ones. She rubbed up against Chris wantonly. Her furry paw brushed over the panicking man's face and he could feel the fierce tingle of infection there. His face pulled forward into a leonine snout and he gained large round ears. With a sound between a roar and a human yelp, he shoved the lion woman back and ran with her in hot pursuit, barely navigating in the darkness.

"Come back," called the lion as she followed Chris, "You're not like the others, prrrr, so willful and strong. You could be my mate!" she shouted.

As Chris approached the bunker, his heart sank. Smoke was rising from the basement of the building. What had happened? He glanced back at the female lioness in hot pursuit and felt conflicting thoughts. His new lion's head argued the plesures of the female's company, and of the fertility of her waiting womb. The man's mind argued against it, and reminded Chris that he'd rather have a more human partner. The hesitation warred before he heard a new voice from his left. One of the smaller felines was racing towards him, arms held wide as she squealed with joy.

"Sister sister!" cried out the small lioness. The two creatures were approaching Chris fast, and he wasn't sure where to flee now with home base up in smoke.

Chris just ran. He fled from the two, ducking between two buildings into a narrow alleyway. His horse like feet made light clops against the hard ground that sounded like bombs going off to his larger sensitive ears. His long tail whipped about and his bag of food jostled dangerously as he barreled across the campus.

He didn't stop until he arrived at the library. It was finals time, and it was open twenty-four-seven as a result. He ducked into the lit building and looked around for people. A scream met his round ears as a group of students and faculty spotted him entering and brandished all manner of makeshift weapons in his direction.

Yardsticks, books of proper tossing size and an assortment of pipes and other metal objects were levied at him. Chris threw up his latex clad hands, "I'm not one of them!" he spoke quickly, realizing his voice sounded funny coming from a lion's throat.

"Be that as it may," spoke a teacher in their late 50s, "I'm afraid we're going to have to ask you to leave. Peacefully preferred."

The tension grew a moment before Chris slowly backed away from the angry, frightened mob. Even as the door settled shut, he could hear them cheering his departure and congratulating one another on their success. They should have come here first. Bomb shelter for an invasion? Chris felt stupid, defeated. He wandered away from the library, down a path into a lightly forested area.

He could feel the latex smoothly running over his chest and grunted at the odd sensation of it. His chest pushed forward into two large breasts, distorting the shirt he wore as he gained a stripe as a skunk would have, at least along his upper body. He tore off his shirt, largely in disgust, and tossed it aside. What use did a freak like him have for such things anyway?

"Sister," came a small voice, from a small cat. She walked up to Chris and looked up at him with her hands behind her back. She looked innocent, with a light smile. Chris gazed back at the creature a moment before reaching to pull it up into his lap.

The small cat began to purr and rub up against his front happily, hugging to him. He didn't feel any changes coming over him, so he leaned back, and pet the little cat girl, "Do you have a name?" he asked.

The female looked up at him questioningly a moment before she looked down, reaching to put a small paw on his still clothed crotch, rubbing him most pointedly.

Without his opinion on the matter, Chris began to feel aroused and became hard under the small lioness. He sighed and scratched behind her ear, "Is that all you things want? Sex sex sex? Well, the ones that aren't trying to fill you with arrows anyway." he asked, knowing no response would come.

The feline leaned up and captured a rubbery teat, chewing it eagerly. Chris stiffened, then gasped as pleasure exploded outwards from his new breasts. He could feel fluid leaking from his body and soon he was feeding the cat. The cat purred in bliss, leaning in as close as she could and nursing faster and faster.

The latex covered skunk breasts began to swell with the drinking. The small cat's infection interacting with the skunks and causing them to grow quickly, gaining several cups, starting at slender Bs and slowly inching forward until they were large Ds, hanging heavily from Chris' chest. She supported one breast as she drained the other, chewing at the now engorged, thumb sized nipple.

Chris began to lean back. The lioness' mouth felt good, and he wasn't changing much. After all the trouble he went through to get the food for his friends, who are probably dead. He just wanted to sit there and do nothing. Being a wet nurse for an oversexed little cat seemed a fine idea.

The cat suddenly went rigid before falling against him. Chris was confused, jerking to consciousness. She had a large feathered dart sticking out of her buttocks. A tranquilizer? He pushed the female off of himself and scrambled behind the rock he was seated on a moment ago.

He couldn't see them, but he could hear them with his new ears. Men with heavy boots were moving around quickly, surrounding the chimera. He looked left, and right, straining to get a peek at his assailants.

"I don't want any trouble," growled out a weary Chris.

A man in full riot gear and glowing night vision goggled stepped forward from the darkness. "Neither do we. Put your hands in the air and lay down on the ground." The man was armed with an assault rifle and had it leveled at Chris.

Chris considered his options. Fight and be shot, possibly with something worst than a tranq, or trust these men to be of some benign intent. He wasn't sure how it could be worse than where he was now. He extended his black-coated hands in the air slowly, then laid out across the rock he was using for cover.

"Do you know what's going on?" asked Chris.

"You will be briefed shortly," promised the man before the sound of an air dart. Chris got a chance to grit his teeth at the pinch of the dart before he slid into peaceful unconsciousness.

Cindy sat up sharply with a gasp. She was in an infirmary of some kind. Rows of clean looking beds, most occupied with strange looking people, or what used to be people. Moving around the room with purpose were nurses and doctors. Some of them were human, about a third, the rest all had some mutation.

The nurse approaching her was mostly human, with light skin, brown hair, grey eyes and an otter's paw for a right hand. She was wielding a clipboard and shuffled up alongside of Cindy.

"Subject 430-F2 has regained consciousness," she announces to no one, making a note. She looked down at Cindy, "Good Morning. Welcome to the end of the world. Don't give me that look." She rolled a pen idly in the air with her brown furred paw, "The topside has turned to hell and we need every able bodied person to help. That includes you, Mr. Long ears. Can we count you in?"

Cindy stared dumbly at the nurse a moment before she managed a blink. "That's miss Long Ears to you. Where's Mike, and what are you talking about?"

The nurse reached for the blanket on Cindy and drew it away. As it fluttered in the air, she snapped it towards herself and had it folded in a moment. With her free hand she gestured at Cindy, "Look like a Mister to me. Who's Mike?"

Body revealed, Cindy did appear male. Without moving her large rabbit organs aside, there was no way to even know that she... he... was in any way female. He looked down at himself a quiet moment before looking back to the nurse, "Well, OK. You can have that point. I don't care. Where is Mike? My boy, I mean, Girlfriend. She was with me when the explosion happened."

The nurse tossed the bedding onto the corner, next to Cindy's feet, then began to tap at her clipboard with her pen as she flipped through the pages. "Let's see here. You were picked up with another specimen. Tests show negative for mental cohesion." She looked up over the clipboard to Cindy. "I'm sorry to say this, but your friend didn't make it. She's proven negative for hostility and is being kept safe here in the facility, pending a cure."

"Didn't make it? You just said He," He paused, frowned, and continued, "She, was in the facility, here. I want to see her now!"

"Well, your inoculations are in order. There's no rule against it. Put on this."

The nurse gave a basic hospital gown to Cindy. It was bare in the back, but Cindy found she didn't mind that much with fur, and it allowed her tail to wag freely. As she slid off the bed, she considered things. Her mind was much clearer than the last moments spent in the shelter. Though she was still a rabbit, she was still Cindy... and also a he. This would take some getting used to.

They departed the medical bay via elevator. Cindy could feel it rising slowly. He looked at the nurse and twitched an ear lightly without thinking about it, "So... Miss?"

"Missen. Nurse Missen. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm getting used to it. You're not the first one to be brought in. You should count yourself lucky. Full mental reco.."

"What do you mean lucky? I'm a rabbit! And you said there's something wrong with my.. friend?"

"Yes. She's gone. You'll see when we get there. There's no other way to properly explain."

Awkward silence grew between the two before a soft electronic ding announced the arrival of the elevator at floor S8. The doors slid open quietly, and the nurse stepped out into the bright white hallway. This section of the facility seemed almost painfully clean and sterile.

"This is where we keep those that are not hostile, but are gone," explained the nurse.

Cindy was starting to chew her lip, getting ideas, bad ideas.

The nurse stopped at a door and checked the number over it before swiping a card through a slot beside it. The door opened with a pssh and revealed a simple interior of the same dazzling white. There were some pillows strewn about, mercifully colored in various shades. A television sat, off, in the corner. There were drawing pads and a phone hanging on the wall.

There was also Mike. He was laying on a cot, or she, rather. Her large pink shaft had gone away, allowing her puffy female nethers to lay exposed. Between her trembling thighs was a large pile of chocolate eggs. She looked up at the ceiling blankly when the door first opened, but looked towards the two as they came in.

She grabbed a handful of eggs and rushed up to the Nurse and Cindy, holding them out in offer, almost stuffing them into their mouths. The nurse just stood still, ignoring Mike as she pressed an egg to her lips. Cindy was wide eyed, and reached to put his hands on Mike's shoulders.

"Mike! Snap out of it!"

Mike blinked once, starting to squint a little as if in thought, but the thought passed, and she offered the egg again, rubbing it against Cindy's lips in an inarticulate offer of the chocolate.

"After the infection reaches the brain," speaks the nurse, "Time is limited before we can stabilize the carrier, or they become lost. As you can see, her mental capacity is extremely limited and focused on the spread of her infection."

Cindy shook his head, and shook Mike, hoping to rouse her from her stupor, "My head was a rabbit long before his was!" he protested, "Why is he like this and I'm not?"

The nurse raised her shoulders, "Understanding of the virus involved is limited. It's partially genetic resistance, partially the mental constitution of the infected, and a great big dash of luck. I'll leave you alone." she stepped back and the door closed, leaving Cindy with Mike.

Mike squirmed away from the shaking, looking confused before she flashed her bucked rabbit teeth and set her eggs aside. She reached for Cindy's large genitals and began rubbing him slowly from the base of the furry tube to the top as she purred and moved against him.

Cindy was aghast, placing his hands on her shoulders and gently pushing back, "No, bad Mike, bad. I don't want to fuck you. I want _you_. Come on, don't leave me alone with this," he protested.

The rabbit did not seem to understand, just confused that the male would not reciprocate her offer of mating. Cindy felt his eyes begin to fill, tears falling through white fur as he turned away from what was once her lover. He stepped towards the door and it opened for her. Emerging into the hallway, she looked to the nurse.

"You said I could save the world?"

made him look like all the other trainees in the room.

Glancing to the left, Chris could see Cindy, and leaned to speak with her.

"So which training program are you going with?"

One of the rabbit's ears perked towards him, "I need to contain as many of them as possible in as short a time." He paused to scratch at his cheek, "For Mike. I'll go with the destruction courses. Did you see Mike?"

"I did," replied the mutant, "We talked, or rather, I talked, Mike listened."

Earlier, Chris was led into Mike's room and left alone. Chris approached the almost mindless rabbit girl and reached to gently pet her between long ears.

"I'm sorry bud. I tried to protect you." He crouched down, "But I couldn't even protect myself."

The rabbit girl stared at him with a lack of understanding before leaning forward and starting to nuzzle at Mike's lion like snout and cheek, purring.

Chris found himself smiling despite himself. He lifted the rabbit into his arms and flopped back, letting the rabbit lay out over himself. "I'm going to take them on their offer and become a better protector. For other people, for myself, for you."

She glanced around a moment before snuggling with the warm male under herself, grinding a moment before she reached for one of his latex paws and guiding it to her round belly, bidding him to rub, which he began to do. The rabbit purred in bliss, arching her back and closing her eyes.

The shots they had given him had done a lot to quiet the insisting lion voice in his head, but it was still there, lower, but whispering, urging him to take the rabbit female. She wanted it, she definitely wanted it.

Though Chris thought himself a better man, he took the low road. He rolled over on top of the rabbit and reached down, undoing the covering over his dick.

Though he would never share this part with Cindy, he offered his twitching rat cock to the rabbit. She lay back, rolled over, and hiked her ass high in the air in response. He shuffled in behind her, seizing her hips in powerful but dainty hands. His cock found her wet distended lips and sank into that hot tightness.

"I was very jealous," spoke Chris as he began to thrust against the whining and moaning rabbit. "You and Cindy looked very happy together, even when you were turning into rabbits. I thought to eat one of your eggs. I still have it, you know." He thrust firmly against her, taking her deep. The rabbit seemed to only encourage it, grinding back against him and squealing in delight.

He leaned in over his lover and reached around, grabbing her large furry breasts and squeezing at them with each push into her ripe body, "And now you went and faded away, leaving the rest of us to clean your mess."

The two rocked against one another for the next hour, sharing climaxes with one another and trembling in one another's arms. As the minute hand began to find its old placement, Chris found himself seated with his back against a wall. The rabbit was in his lap, bouncing herself up and down against his still excited shaft as she drank deeply of his swollen skunk breasts.

He sighed, rubbing over her ears and back in slow strokes. "You like that? Thirsty? That's a gift, from a new friend. She's a lot like you. She loves a good fuck." He thrust upwards to emphasize the word, "She's going to be training with me. Do you want to meet her?" he asked quietly.

The rabbit looked up at the chimera and nodded softly.

Chris was surprised. An actual response to a question. Maybe... He didn't dwell on it for too long, instead whistling sharply. The door slid open and a short bouncy feline came bounding in, rushing over to the coupling duo and peering at them. Without a word, she leaned up and bit Chris on one of his large round ears.

"You started without me!" she accused, "You're going to have to make that up. But first.."

The small curvy lioness circled the two, grabbing the rabbit on the ass, "This is your friend? She's smoking hot."

Chris frowned a bit, "She is, but don't say it like that. She's lost right now."

The cat grabbed Chris by the balls, stroking upwards over the small portion of his member not already buried in the rabbit, "It looks like you found her to me," she said in taunting tones. "Don't get me wrong. Give me half a second with her and I would do the same thing. Mmm, I ever mention it's a shame you didn't get hit down here? The mall rats are so... average down here," she complains with a pout.

Chris reached past the rabbit to grab the lioness by an ear and draw her closer, "Yes yes, only every day. Samantha, this is Mike. Mike, Samantha."

Mike looked at Samantha quizzically a moment before leaning in. The two began the kiss fiercely, and it only deepened from there.

"Have you met Samantha?" asked Chris.

Cindy leaned back to look around Chris, to the smaller feline that was seated beyond him, "That her? I'm told she's been assigned as a permanent partner? How did that happen?"

Samantha flashed her carnivorous teeth before she explained, "We were bonded just before they caught us. Though I could, technically, go without Chris, it would be a real drag."

The small lioness leaned in against Chris, "It's not easy to explain but he's like my perfect mate, or that's how I feel."

Chris lifted his shoulders, "It's mostly one way, but we are friends at least, and we get along most of the time. Anyway, I just thought of something. Who were you before all this, Samantha?"

Samantha rolled her shoulders slowly, "I'd rather not talk about it..."

Cindy leaned over, reaching to place a hand on Sam's head, "Hey, we're all in this together."

"Only because Chris asked."

Chris nodded slowly, "Thank you."

As a sort of reward, Chris picked up the smaller Sam and placed her in his lap. With soft pets over her head, she began to tell her tale.

"Have you met Samantha?" asked Chris.

Cindy leaned back to look around Chris, to the smaller feline that was seated beyond him, "That her? I'm told she's been assigned as a permanent partner? How did that happen?"

Samantha flashed her carnivorous teeth before she explained, "We were bonded just before they caught us. Though I could, technically, go without Chris, it would be a real drag."

The small lioness leaned in against Chris, "It's not easy to explain but he's like my perfect mate, or that's how I feel."

Chris lifted his shoulders, "It's mostly one way, but we are friends at least, and we get along most of the time. Anyway, I just thought of something. Who were you before all this, Samantha?"

Samantha rolled her shoulders slowly, "I'd rather not talk about it..."

Cindy leaned over, reaching to place a hand on Sam's head, "Hey, we're all in this together."

"Only because Chris asked."

Chris nodded slowly, "Thank you."

As a sort of reward, Chris picked up the smaller Sam and placed her in his lap. With soft pets over her head, she began to tell her tale.

Samantha was originally Sam. Sam worked at a local sandwich shop. He was overweight, balding, and had few friends. He did show up to work on time though, and did overtime when requested. That fateful night was one such time.

It was inventory, so Sam was forced to stay long after closing, counting everything in the store three times for the satisfaction of the boss. Just as he was reaching the end, he heard the jingle of the bell hanging over the door.

He hadn't locked it. If someone wanted a late night sandwich, why not? He emerged from the back, already droning out his welcome, "... what can I get for you?" he finished as he looked over the counter and down.

A kid? No. Kids don't have tits, or tails. It was a cat, about four feet tall. She held up her arms towards Sam, bouncing in place, which made her generous front jostle along with her.

"Uh. It aint Halloween yet kid," said Sam, making a shooing motion.

The feline easily ducked under the partition separating the behind the counter from the rest of the store. Sam noticed that the cat was showing flesh on the ends of those breasts, and between her legs too. It was far too real to be a costume.

He backed away, but not fast enough for the sprinting feline. She grabbed at his pants, yanking down the zipper. Sam didn't remember when he became stiff, but his cock popped right out of his pants to bounce in front of the cat. She grinned up at the terrified man before she sank her snout around the organ, sucking noisily.

Despite a small rational voice urging him to run, or to attack the cat, he grabbed the cat by the head instead. He pushed his cock into that wet hot place and shuddered in pleasure. Almost immediately, he was filling that muzzle with a few jets of seed.

His legs felt funny, shrinking rapidly as the feline pressed against him, forcing him to lay down. Her lips remained affixed to his cock as pleasure filled his changing body. His feet became small paws and the shoes fell off. His pants started to feel huge and they fell off of his now smaller but flared hips. The small feline drew away from the cock, massaging his balls as she clambered on top of him.

Her tight little cunt sank onto the cock, rocking hard and fast as the feline rubbed his belly and chest. No longer stunned, Sam began to reciprocate the attention, grunting as he thrust up into the female. Each thrust felt like an explosion from his groin and climax was all too fast. His balls emptied for the last time as they drew up into his body, shaft following, inverting into a furry vagina.

Victim emasculated, the small cat slid upwards and licked at a nipple with a small rough tongue, sending shivers of delight through the rapidly changing man. Sam was now a feline from the hips down. He looked quite ridiculous, with a small lower body below his fat human top. The cat was happy to fix this, nursing greedily from his man tits as they began to grow a pelt of fur over themselves.

His grunts became soft sighs and moans as his head shrank down and ears became round lion ears. He gained the head of a lion and mewled as thick milk exploded from... her... breasts. A thin tail exploded out from her tightening ass and her gut pulled back in to a sleekly furred predator's body. The cat had given her the gift of youth, and she never felt better. Fully transformed, the original feline kissed the new one, then dashed off, holding her swelling belly.

Sam pushed up to her feet and looked around. The inventory didn't seem very important anymore, so she wandered out of the shop. She felt an urge. She needed something badly. She tried to find the word for it in her foggy mind. "Sister..." she whispered, and went into the night to find it, leaving her old life behind.

"And that's how I found Chris. He was looking so sad, I just went up and introduced myself. We both felt great until the Zephyr guys came and collected us," finished Samantha. She turned in Chris' lap and nuzzled his chest through the baggy clothing he was wearing, "And I found my sister, even if it's a he."

Cindy nodded slowly, "Wow, well... I guess you got it good then, overall. You make me think I should change my name though. I look like a guy, so Cindy isn't really working."

Chris lifted his shoulders, "Well, if you insist," he says, considering names as he stroked over Sam's head, "Carl?"

Cindy frowned a moment, but then nodded, "Carl it is. I can't think of anything better. So when does the briefing start?"

A voice from the front of the room cleared their throat. The source was a mostly human who's left hand and arm had been replaced with that of a robot, along with their right foot.

"As soon as everyone has settled down," spoke the man who wore a Zephyr Inc identification badge with a large number of marks on it, "We can begin the briefing."

The room's whispering fell to almost silence as eyes fixed on the man at the front. He nodded and depressed a button on a remote, dimming the lights and causing a white sheet to roll down from the ceiling.

"You are all intimately aware of the plague that has destroyed your city," he began, "The plague is actually a collection of diseases and maladies, each with its own symptoms and carriers." He raised a metal hand, "I received my own at the New York branch, which was lost to the plague. Disease strains seem to be geographically based."

One of those in the crowd, a centaur in a lab coat, raised a hand, "What is the source of the infections?"

The instructor cleared his throat, "We are not entirely sure what precipitated the plague, though that is under constant research, I assure. Please try to hold questions until the end of the session."

With a click of a remote, a projector hummed into life.

"The Promethean Virus AND YOU!" declared the screen in large bold white letters. The voice-over was the same heard in many a school documentary.

"Just another night for America. Tucked in tight in their beds, unaware that things were about to change forever," The display was like a cartoon with poor production values, showing a minimally detailed man in bed.

"Watch out, they're coming for you," said the announcer as the door to the cartoon man's bed fell over to reveal a bear on two legs roaring. The two got into a tussle in a great big dust cloud with flailing fists and claws and teeth seen emerging from the dust for brief moments.

"Inoculations are important if you want to combat the Promethean Virus. Without inoculations, any exposure to anyone or thing with the virus causes infection."

The dust cloud fades away and there were two bears now instead, shaking hands with big grins before they walked off the camera.

"Don't let this happen to you. Zephyr Incorporated has developed..." The image shifted to a laboratory filled with beakers and bubbling fluids. Two scientists were scribbling furiously with their primitively drawn cartoon fingers before one held up his pad, a shaft of light came down upon it and its holder, "A simple shot that prevents the virus from interacting with the human genome."

"The Promethean Virus comes in a dizzying variety of strains and offshoots."

The screen showed various animals. Horses, cats, dogs, elephants.

"Even things we would not normally consider alive."

Robots, furniture, puddles of goo, and even a car scrolled past the screen.

"It is important to remember this when combating the virus. Anyone, or thing, could be a carrier. Trust only fellow, inoculated, employees of Zephyr Incorporated."

Chris leaned over to whisper quietly to Carl, "How do they know so much about something that started last night?"

The video continued, unbothered by the whispering, "It is also important to remember that the vaccine does not undo genetic damage caused by the Promethean Virus. All genetic damage is permanent by current medical science. It is important to be inoculated before exposure."

The entire room filled with groans and boos. Quite a few crumpled up bits of paper bounced harmlessly off the dangling projection pad. The instructor gave a strong 'shh' and waved at the classroom and things quieted back down.

"Fore-warned is fore-armed. Be safe, travel in groups, and you can face the Promethean Virus safely."

The lighting of the room came back as the film faded off. The white sheet rolled back to its hiding place in the ceiling.

"We hope to use that video in locations not yet hit with the virus, though we haven't found any yet. As I mentioned before the video," spoke the instructor, "The strains of virus seem geographically oriented with few exceptions. Your city was predominantly animal based, with a few exceptions."

A few eyes wandered towards the centaurs in the room, but the instructor was still talking.

"Interestingly, the virus seems to occasionally mix and match characteristics of strains. For instance, some of you have encountered a strain that combined fox and rubber characteristics, and others a similar skunk strain. It is not known at this time what causes this mutation of the Promethean Virus, though we are thankful that it still responds to the vaccine."

He gestured with his metal hand towards the wall, where a map of the United States is laid out. "Back home," he pointed at New York, "We were overrun primarily by in-organics. Cars, robots, buses and household appliances. It was a... strange scene. Of course, there was less animal matter for the virus to work with in the city."

"Regardless. You are all now employees of Zephyr Incorporated. You will achieve your quota of pacified hosts through the training we provide. By meeting and exceeding your quota, you will qualify for special benefits, equipment, and perks. The strong and efficient will be rewarded and enabled to further success," he explained. "You will all be issued firearms and protective clothing and trained in their proper use and upkeep."

"Are there any questions?"

A small feline in the front row raised her hand, "What if we don't want to kill things?" A soft murmuring rose in the crowd in agreement.

The man put his hands together, "We are told from an early age that killing is wrong, and to harm others is bad. This is not a usual situation. Mankind's very survival hangs in the balance of regaining control from the Promethean Virus. If we don't pacify them, they will pacify us, and I assure you, they will not have any moral reservation in doing so."

With a press of a button, a section of the wall rolled up, revealing a small dark area with a curled up form. A series of lights flickered to life, illuminating the body of mutant within. It rose its human female like head and clambered quickly to hoofed feet. Shaggy black fur covered its shins, its long tufted tail, and its two long ears. Slender female arms terminated in hooves as well. Its breasts were bare and reasonably sized, but clashed dramatically with what dangled between its legs. Long and bestial, the creature had the stature of a stallion between its thighs, with a blunted tip and a thick sheath.

The creature seemed to see the collected classroom and snarled, suddenly charging forward. Many in the room made sounds of alarm, and one closest to the beast fainted on the spot. Fortunately, there was a plane of glass barring the creature access and it collided loudly.

Heavy hooves crashed against the glass, pounding wildly as the beast tried desperately to reach the shocked students only a few feet away.

With a soft click, the panel came down, separating the beast from the students.

"Any further questions? Sign up for classes in the hallway. Good luck and Godspeed."

The class rose and began to disperse into the hallway. Chris set down Sam and moved to join the crowd when he collided with someone else.

The victim was a female mall rat. She smiled and her nose twitched before she paused, "Oh hey woah, get out!" she said, reaching for Chris' hands, "I found you!"

Carl leaned over Chris' shoulder, "Friend of yours?" he asked with a grin, ears twitching.

Chris was a bit confused a moment, then realization dawned, "From the mall, you were the one out."

The rat moved to embrace Chris, but was blocked by an annoyed looking Samantha.

"Hold up there toots. This guy's mine. Go find one of your own."

Chris crouched down and took one of the small catgirl's ears and pulled lightly, turning Samantha around. He reached and put a hand on her chest, lightly rubbing.

"Be a good girl, or you get none tonight. She is my friend and you won't get in the way of my friends," he stated firmly, giving one of her nipples a light pull. The attentions seemed to be effective in pacifying Samantha, who began to purr and look content.

The rat girl was looking at Carl now, "Wow you're handsome," she breathed out, blushing in her big round ears.

Carl returned the blush, the tips of his ears going red along with his nose, "Uh, thanks..." he wasn't quite sure how to handle a compliment like that from a girl. He was used to being a she, but his equipment found the rat pleasing to the eyes and he found himself firming in his clothing.

Chris rose to his feet and reached for the rat, drawing her for the hug that was delayed. The two embraced warmly for several long moments before the rat drew back and smiled.

"The rest of my group is still at that mall. They didn't want to be saved." She shrugged her shoulders lightly, "I was the odd one out, so I went. Nothing to lose I felt... And I found you again, but you have someone now."

"Nothing stopping us from being friends," said Chris, "We could all use some good friends right now."

The group moved as one along the aisle towards the exit. Chris was holding Samantha, with the rat girl behind, and Carl behind her.

Carl leaned forward, asking quietly, "What's your name?"

The rat blinked, then squinted, "Oh wow, major mind trip. It feels like I haven't used a name in forever. I don't remember it."

Carl wasn't sure why he said it, but he found the words emerging, "You can have my old name. Cindy. It suits a pretty girl like you."

The rat blushed and nodded, accepting the name.

In the hallway, two lines were formed. At the head of one line, a sign proclaimed 'Destruction and pacification specialization', and in the other, 'Survival and Team Protection specialization'. Odd capitalization aside, the group knew which one each wanted to go with. Carl and Samantha joined the destruction line while Cindy and Chris were soon to be found on the survival side.

Cindy leaned forward, placing her hands on Chris' hips.

"I won't get another chance with your little lady friend around, so..." she whispered to him.

He turned around and the two met in a kiss, rat lips to lion. It was warm, but all too short. They faced forward for the rest of the wait, and soon had their names on the list. The group gathered back together at the barracks.

As it turns, the building was not originally constructed with refugees in mind. Everyone was divided into large rooms with double bunks in long rows. Those familiar with each other were encouraged to bunk close to one another, so it was not hard for Cindy to obtain a bunk with the rest.

"Top Bunk!" she proclaimed, hopping up dexterously to the higher bunk and peeking over the side at those below.

"I'll sleep with Chris," proclaimed Samantha, giving Cindy a brief glare before she leaned up against the chimera.

Chris coughed lightly at this, but did not argue. Carl patted the spot under Cindy, "I'll be below Cindy then. You two can claim up and down on the one next over. Not up to us if you use both or just one." The rabbit settled down onto the soft surface and looked up at the rat looking back down at him, flashing a smile.

The social habits of Mall Rats were as simple as they were predictable. Being, again, the female out, Cindy peeked over the side that night, gazing at the one who gave her a name. When she was sure everyone was asleep, she slipped down and carefully slipped under the blanket the rabbit was using.

Carl was quite surprised when he woke up to find arms around himself, but did not have the heart to tell Cindy to not do it again with any amount of feeling. It became a habit, and soon the two were just sleeping together and hanging out together when not training. They did not get any closer than bedding, however.

The one time Cindy broached the idea in the midst of the night, Carl got very quiet. The rabbit rolled over on top of the rat and they gazed into one another's eyes.

"I'm sorry," said Carl, "I have someone already. I have to save them, but I can't abandon them yet for someone else."

They kissed, and hugged, and soon fell asleep.

Cindy did not ask again.

Chris and Samantha's situation was far different. The bond they shared, primarily one way or not, brought them together easily. As he pushed deep into the warm wet canal of the catgirl, he sighed. His hands wandered over her large round breasts as he pushed deeper into her, rocking steadily. Every night they would come together, finding pleasure in one another's bodies.

Chris' hoofed feet clanked lightly against the bedposts as he pushed to the hilt in the trembling body of Samantha as he groaned, filling her with his seed. As they collapsed together, her lips found his breasts, and began suckling quietly and drawing out milk from rubber breasts.

He gave a soft sound and curled around her a bit, "That never ceases to amaze me. I'm made of rubber there you know, but you get milk."

The cat drew away, licking her lips, "I gave you milk. Anyone could get milk now." She leans back in to resume her eager suckling, biting roughly at the sensitive latex flesh and to tug at it as she filled her belly with the rich cream.

They coupled every night, sometimes two or three times if they had the energy after the vigorous training they were going through. Chris began to notice Samantha's growing belly. It grew rapidly over the course of a month, soon making her look gravid.

As he pumped his rodent cock into the wet gripping hold of her body, his hands were rubbing along the furry round dome of her belly.

"I don't mean to alarm, man, but I'm pretty sure you're either massively overeating, or pregnant."

Her pace did not slow, rocking eagerly back against Chris with each thrust, grinding together a moment before parting and slapping shut again, her eyes closed as she purred.

"Doesn't that bother you?" asked Chris.

She looked over her shoulders with a frown, "Why would it bother me?" asked the lioness as she pulled forward, drawing the shaft almost completely from her snug canal, "My body's been screaming to get knocked up higher than a kite since we ran into each other."

Chris flopped back, sitting down on the bed in the darkness and popping his shaft out of the eager small female. She crawled over and nestled into his lap. She put one paw on his balls, and began to consume his shaft, wrapping her wet warm snout around it and sinking to the base as she nursed the inhuman member with gusto.

Though the feeling of her rough wet tongue was splendid against his rat cock, Chris' mind was distracted with the thought of his partner swelling with child. He reached to pet along her head and back slowly, petting from head do the base of her tail.

"Tomorrow, we visit the medic, and make sure you're alright, ok?"

The feline just nodded around her full mouth, continuing to suck on the cock until it gave her what she wanted, twice, before they could finally go to sleep.