Feral Mode

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Feral Mode
Description You are a feral. You think with your nanite fueled instincts. You don't need fancy equipment(Nor can you equip very much at all). You don't build things, at all. You are self sufficient. You are much more powerful and in tune instinctually, than a trained agent with his weapons, getting a 10% bonus to the damage and healing of your powers. You do not need to manually upgrade your powers, just select which ones you wish to master and let the nanites decide their direction. Yours is a much simpler lot. Explore, conquer, win!!

Notable Feral Mode Changes:

1) Experience and Leveling up:

Feral Mode characters gain experience as a faster rate than Normal Mode. However do follow all the other level up requirements such as boss vials. While it would be exceptionally hard for most feral mode characters to collect the vials needed to summon a prime, they can take part in any prime fight to collect one.

2) Equipment:

You have 50 Loadout and 10 base Upkeep. The Loadout cannot be increased, however the Upkeep can be increased via +reward and training. Additionally, items you equip have their Upkeep multiplied by 5 (approximately). You could equip a Water Flask (10 Loadout, 2 Upkeep), but not an item with 3 Upkeep or more right out the gate. You may still equip multiple items if you can somehow get them small enough. This means your usable equipment pool is going to be exceptionally small, even if you get max Upkeep. There is an item, the Utility Harness, that lets a feral mode character equip more easily. Changing to a class which provides the Technical skill (Anarchist, Pack Rat, Street Samurai) removes the upkeep multiplication.

3) Powers:

Whenever you master a power, you will be given every upgrade, divided evenly among all upgrades. As an example, if a power has four upgrades, Damage +2, Charge -200, energy -4, and Cooldown -400. If you master this power, then you will be given (PowerUpgrade/Number of Upgrades)*2, in this case, you'd get Damage +1, Charge -100, Energy -2, and Cooldown -200. If a power has only two upgrades, then you will get the full amount of both as if you took them both one time.

Because Feral Mode has you rely almost on powers exclusively, you will be able to master up to 13 powers by level 50 (instead of 11 as in Normal Mode). You can still Epic up to 5 powers just as you would in Normal Mode. This required a boss vial of the appropriate type as normal. Note: When you epic a power, you *do* get to choose the third upgrade you pick up. Epic upgrades are not random. You can still pick up Dedication powers as normal. You also are allowed to Ultimate powers as normal, and get your choice here as well.

4) Vials:

Feral Mode limits Loadout to a great degree. As such, you will find it difficult to carry a Nanite Collector to collect builder nanites and infection vials.

5) Crafting and Salvage:

Feral Mode characters do not collect salvage easily, and cannot craft much beyond the most basic of gear.

6) Roles and Combat Skills:

Feral Mode character use the class system like normal mode characters.

7) Combat Bonuses:

Feral Moders get a slight bonus to their powers as if they were native users of these powers.

8) Aggro Penalty:

Feral Mode characters have a significant reduction to Aggro compared to non-Feral characters. In group combat, Normal Mode and All Natural Mode characters will be preferred targets over Feral Mode characters. Perhaps the Ferals you face in combat feel a bit of kinship towards you? Edit notes