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Crafting items is a reasonably complex system with many moving parts, so here's a guide to going about it!

Nanite Collector

Obtain a Basic Nanite Collector or a Nanite Collector.

The basic model can be bought anywhere for Resources, and occupies most of your loadout.  The nonbasic is bought for mako.  It uses less loadout and provides infection vials along with the builder nanite vials you need for crafting.

Fight Monsters

Equip your nanite collector and fight some monsters!  Anytime you defeat something with it equipped you'll see "10% chance of Nanite".  If that check succeeds you will get a message "<Nanite collector> Your nanite collector chimes as it produces a dim Violet vial!".  


The complicated section.

  • Go to a crafting station.  These are currently available above the lobby in Zephyr, at the Skunkworks, and in the Promethean village.
  • Type 'craft'.  It will list all the options for upgrading your items, and is reproduced below.
Upgrade - One Vial of any Color, Violet preferred, Freecreds.
Accuracy - Increases the accuracy of the item by 1 per level.
     Yellow nanites preferred.
Charge - Decreases charge rate by 1% per point. Remember, a grenade is no good if you're shot while throwing it.
     Blue nanites preferred.
Cooldown - Decreases cooldown time by 1% per point. Don't waste time reloading!
     Blue nanites preferred.
Damage - Increases the damage by 0.5% per level, hit harder! Also works on restorative items. Heal harder!
     red nanites preferred.
Loadout - Decreases the loadout of an item by 0.5% per level, allowing more items to be used at once.
     Indigo nanites preferred.
Resistance - Increases physical and energy resist by 1%, and general resist by 0.5% per point. Remember that it can't improve what's not there. Don't put this on your gun.
     Orange nanites preferred.
Spread Effect - Spread the joy around, allow your item to affect more targets per use! The first point makes a non AoE item AoE(1d2+1 targets)! 25 points allows +1 target, 50 points allows +2 targets.
     Green nanites preferred.
To craft, type craft (option), like craft upgrade.
  • Type 'craft upgrade' for raw Level Scaling and 'craft damage' or the others for making your equipment better in other ways. Note that the game will let you apply useless upgrades--make sure you're not improving the damage on your armored vest! Children act oddly with some upgrades.
  • You can add one non-level improvement for each level of the item. Because many skills increase the number of levels you add at one time, you can exceed this by going from "less" to "more" in one crafting action.
  • Level upgrades cost Freecreds. Others cost XP as well.
  • The level of the nanite vials is important. Dull, dim, flickering, glowing, bright, and then radiant will be required to bring your item from level 0 to level 50. Dull goes to 5, dim to 15, flickering to 25, glowing to 35, bright to 45, and radiant all the way to 50. Off-color vials will fill in from higher levels.


Certain noncombat skills add a chance of getting more than one level's worth out of one vial.  It's entirely possible to craft with no skills, but you will save vials, XP and freecreds otherwise.

  • Arcane boosts loadout and spread-effect.
  • Computer increases the chance of getting crafting nanites during fights.
  • Design boosts raw level and cooldown upgrades.
  • Installation boosts accuracy, damage and resistance upgrades.

Making Items

Items are created at the player level. Items that scale in price according to player level (e.g. grenades) give an option to craft at a lower level. To get your first recipes (the ones marked free below) you need to talk to the Workshop Technician in the Zephyr complex (up 1 and north 1 from lobby). Typing "make" with no arguments gets you a list of the recipes you know. Once you are ready to make something type "make (recipe)=(modifier),(modifier),...". Note there is NO SPACE between modifiers, just a comma and they are optional.

The following prompts will appear:

  • It will cost ##xp and ### freecred. Continue? ***This is just telling you what it's going to cost. Type Y to continue***
  • It requires salvage of at least level # and at most level #. What level do you want to use? ***I don't remember exactly what the salvage level affects but obviously higher is better. Hopefully someone can help me out here***
  • What would you like to call your creation? ***This is the Item Name. It should be short and sweet, like Boomstick or Frying Pan***
  • What do it look like? ***This is the long description of your item so feel free to get creative. EX: This frying pan looks like it hasn't been used for frying for a very long time. It has numerous dents and scrapes and the handle is wrapped in duct tape.***

After the final description is entered your item should be created and put in your inventory. Equip and enjoy!


Recipe Location Cost Skill
Aerosol Mall 3600 Chem/5
Banner UNK UNK Chem/10
Cooler UNK UNK Edib/10
Energy Snack Mall 1800 Edib/1
Grenade Survivalists 7500 Chem/12
Improved Nanite Coll Reward shop 150Token Elec/25
Light Energy Armor Mall 720 Elec/1
Light Melee Free Free Mech/1
Mechanical Drone Mall 28800 Mech/15:Ener/10:Elec/30
Physical Armor Library 1500 Mech/1
Ultimate Nanite Coll Mako shop 20Mako Elec/25

Recipe Modifiers

Recipe Location Cost
Basic Spread Free Free
Heavy Mall 2880
Jumbo Pack Robert's shop 30Token
Light Library 7500
Miniaturized Library 75000
Poisoned Mall 1440
Sticky Survivalists 15000
Thunderous Library 4500
Subtle Mall 14400