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The city zoo suffered numerous animal breakouts after the infection struck, releasing the mutating animals and unleashing them on the city. This is the source of many of the wild animal strains in the city. Many of these creatures still linger in the Zoo, so caution must be taken.

Map of the Zoo by Barkon


Zoo Entrance, Gift Shop, Fence Path, Border Wall, Cheetah Habitat, Entryway, Bathroom, Main Path, Gator Pit, Bird House, Bird Enclosure, Roundabout, Lion Habitat, Snake House



Northeast from the Main Path leads into the Zoo hunting area.



  • angietrapped (rescue Angie from several animals)
  • Beastial Pheromones (background?)
  • Birth (background)
  • Broken Fences (background)
  • Electric Shockers (finding this event the second time, nets you the electric prod)
  • Feeding time (battle an animal for 2 food, 1 water)
  • Grizzly gone: (background)
  • Hanu: -10 libido, +20 humanity, +5 maxhp
  • Hyena cages: (background)
  • Instructional video: +30 XP
  • Lazy River (background)
  • Pachyderm predicament: (background)
  • Panda Parade: (background)
  • Petting zoo: Obtain 1 food, 2 water.
  • Picture striping: (background)
  • Roaming spots: (background)
  • Scared Bird (possibility of getting exotic bird pet)
  • Security Station: (background, - 10 humanity)
  • Snake Charmer: (background)
  • Snake Knot (background)
  • Tasty Treats: Removes hunger.
  • TigervsTaur (fight between Chase and a tigertaur. Meet Chase if you help him out)
  • Unidentified sex scene: (background)
  • Useful pamphlet (gives you a tiny amount of experience points, repeatable)
  • Vet supplies (here you can change you're gender feat, get one or remove any gender feat you have, the cost 20 humanity, repeatable)
  • Wandering beasts: (random fight)