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Birth: witness canine birth (background?).
* Birth: witness canine birth (background?).
Panda Parade: (background)
* Electric Shockers:
Petting zoo: supplies
* Panda Parade: (background)
Snake Knot: (background)
* Petting zoo: supplies
* Snake Knot: (background)
==Zoo Map:==
==Zoo Map:==

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The city zoo suffered numerous animal breakouts after the infection struck, releasing the mutating animals and unleashing them on the city. This is the source of many of the wild animal strains in the city. Many of these creatures still linger in the Zoo, so caution must be taken.


Zoo Entrance, Gift Shop, Fence Path, Border Wall, Cheetah Habitat, Entryway, Bathroom, Main Path, Gator Pit, Bird House, Bird Enclosure, Roundabout, Lion Habitat, Snake House



Northeast from the Main Path leads into the Zoo hunting area.



  • Birth: witness canine birth (background?).
  • Electric Shockers:
  • Panda Parade: (background)
  • Petting zoo: supplies
  • Snake Knot: (background)

Zoo Map:

This stylized Zoo Map was made by Barkon.