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This page lists the different channels that one can using while using Direct Command. They can all be activated with <ChannelName> #On and by extension, closed with <ChannelName> #Off. To speak in one of the channel, just put its name prior to your message.

  • Auction
    • A channel to sell and buy various items to other player for Freecred, Mako or Tokens.
  • Badges
    • Broadcasts all badge gains from the players allowing it. You cannot send messages through this channel.
  • Bile
    • The everything goes channel. Less serious than Public, less restrictions too. Being polite and respectful of others is still a requirement.
  • Card
    • A place to talk about the trading game!
  • Clairmont
    • Clairmont's local radio. Tune in to hear about updates and events taking place in Clairmont. Also, a place for Clairmont residents to chat.
  • Group
    • If you have a group this is where you will be able to communicate with your groupies. You can use both Group or G to speak onto that channel.
  • LGF
    • Looking for Group. A channel to look for teammates. Posting onto this channel will automatically post your level to your message.
  • Links
    • A channel to post links. Tends to be NSFW, click at your own risks!
  • Market
    • Contains online Mako exchange purchases and updates to the current crafting and combat bounties. You cannot send messages through this channel.
  • Nano
    • Channel used for the Writing event in November.
  • Naughty
    • Where dirty boys and girls go to! Obviously, the sex oriented channel. But that's why you're here, right~?
  • Newbie
    • If you're starting the game, it's THE channel to use. Or if you feel like helping out new players. Ask all questions related to the game on here, someone will happily help you out soon enough.
  • Pickup
    • Similar to LFG, but oriented toward RP instead of combats.
  • Public
    • One channel to rule them all! The most active channel there is, where all sort of conversations happen. Sensitive subjects like fringe fetishes and politics should be done in Bile instead.
  • Radio
    • For discussing SC Radio
  • RP
    • Judged RP announcements appear here. You can post yourself whether you are a judge or not, though it is recommended to have one handy.
  • Science
    • If you have a question about powers or coding or anything related to the mechanical side of FS, this is the place to go.
  • TestChan
    • A test channel. Not much to it.
  • Tabletop
    • A place to talk about tabletops, obviously. Get your nerd glasses and enjoy the chat!
  • Tick
    • Display Global Ticks and Code Events. You cannot talk on this channel.
  • Updates
    • This is where Nuku and his team broadcast new updates about the game. You cannot talk on this channel unless you have permissions. A useful one to follow to be up to date.
  • Writing
    • A place to discuss…Writing! Parsing and form-writing questions should be directed here, it's also the best place to go to check if you want advice on how to stay close to the canon stories.