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Classes replace the old Roles system. Each class provides a number of combat skills geared toward a certain combat role, such as damage-dealing, healing, tanking, buffing, or debuffing. The number of points of combat skills equals 26 for all classes. You can now also level your Class with opt-in Class Mastery. Each class is considered level 5 until you opt-in, and you can train it from level 1 up to level 10. Check out +help class levels for more info. Additionally, all classes besides Classless offer four powers, acquired at levels 15, 25, 35, and 45. If one acquires a secondary class through use of a Dual Soul Pendant in their inventory, they also acquire the level 15 and 25 powers of their secondary class, albeit at levels 30 and 50 respectively. No other qualities of the secondary class are inherited. You are not locked into a class once chosen, and can change both primary and (if you have one via a Dual Soul Pendant) secondary classes any time you are out of combat.

Class Description Powers Unlock
Anarchist You just want to watch the world burn, don't ya? Even so, best to burn it in a way that you're around to see the fruits of your revolution. Gear-focused DoT / Debuffer Guerrilla Tactics, Molotov Cocktail, Cookbook, Last Bullet Purchased in [Chandler Hospital]: Refugee Camp or on the web interface for 1,500 Freecreds.
Berserker You thrive on the pain of your enemies and your own. You love being the center of attention. Let their eyes be focused on you as you lay into them. They should drink in your terrible charms before the battle's over and you've proven victorious. DPS / Off-Tank Last Standing, Frantic Cleave, Savage Slice, Commanding Presence Purchased in [The Golden Goat]: Bar or on the web interface for 100,000 Freecreds.
Blood Warrior You've abandoned all thoughts of self-preservation, of finesse. It's all about dealing as much harm as possible before you drop. Yeah, some of that blood is yours, but you don't care! Glass Cannon DPS Burning Blood, Raging Charge, Agony, Skull Crusher Unlocked after killing yourself with betraying damage.
Bloody Sadist You love to see them bleed. The more gaping a wound, to more you revel in their suffering. Tearing and gashing, rending and shredding, it all gives you glee to rapidly see those ruby beads sparkle in the air. Big Hits / Repeats DPS Ripping Good Time, Sadistic Glee, Reaping Strokes, Blood Bath Purchased in the token shop for 200 reward tokens.
Bounty Hunter Striding out on your own, hunting down your mark, living off the land and doing it your own way. This is what you were born for. You don't take orders from anyone, only your prey is what matters. You have the means, you have the skills, all you need now is a target. Jack of Many Trades (Resilient) Thrill Of The Hunt, Ambush, Just a Scratch, Even The Odds Purchased in Chandler Hospital: Refugee Camp or on the web interface for 150,000 Freecreds.
Brawler Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! Hit fast, quick, and just keep going until they tuck tail and run, or are a bloody mess under you. Repeat DPS Agile Footwork, Sudden OneTwo, Dizzying Pummel, Haymaker Purchased in [RSX Solutions]: Training and Procedures or on the web interface for 1,500 Freecreds.
Brother's Keeper Someone's always in need of assistance, and for whatever reason, it is almost always their fault. Much like Fox to Coyote, you are there to pick up the pieces and keep them going. Single-Target Healer / Buffer Rapid Response, Periodic Checks, Ancient Medicines, Intensive Care
Captivator You know how to fight in a less direct manner by grabbing the attention of your enemy (or enemies) and hypnotizing them into inaction with your displays. Opportunistic (elemental) Debuffer Too Sexy, Entrance, Carnal-val, Flash Dance Acquired by having at least 20 Sexual.
Cheerleader Even as the world falls apart, some people keep up their pep and want you to do it too! Even better, let's get everyone else cheered up when they're feeling lethargic and tired. Let's show them who's the winning team! Support Buffer / Healer Eternal Cheer, Pom Pom Sway, Sudden Rally, Impossible Stunt Purchased in the token shop for 200 reward tokens.
Cihuacoatl Warrior Boon to your friends, nightmare to your foes, a warrior through and through! Blending the tender care of a midwife with the brutal nature of the ancient Central American soldier, you bring a force few would wish to stand against. One many are thankful to have on their side. Big Hits AoE / buffer Warrior Spirit, Rapid Strike, Battlecry, Wrath of Earth Mother Obtained automatically when you purchase the Ixchel Jaguar dedication and obtain the badge.
Classless Basic class with no focus on any one aspect. Jack of All Trades None Automatically unlocked on all characters.
Combat Medic Keep your medkit, cock, breasts, and anything else you use ready along with your knife, claws, teeth, hooves, and gun. Someone has to keep everyone else fighting. Healer / Buffer Do No Harm, Watchful Gaze, Stay with Me, Medical Grenade Purchased in [RSX Solutions]: Training and Procedures or on the web interface for 1,500 Freecreds.
Corporal Give the command! Where to attack, how to react, and lend aid wherever you can. Give the call to battle, show the way, and provide only the best in backup! AoE Healer / Buffer Battlefield Watch, Intelligent Plans, Subvert Expectations, Impossible to Fail Purchased in [RSX Solutions]: Training and Procedures or on the web interface for 1,500 Freecreds.
Cursed Lover Somewhere along the way, you picked up a bit of something... strange. You can bring with your embrace or your bite a strange sensation, an odd feeling, or perhaps, something worse. There also seems to always be something strange happening to you... Debuffer Baneful Allure, Strange Aura, Cursed Embrace, Primal Call Purchased in the hidden Uber Fox dedication store. Check Hidden once the dedication badge has been obtained and you are actively dedicated to Uber Fox
Den Keeper Children, troops, machine. Whatever they are, it is up to you to direct them, and a lot of them. Bring a small army, and keep them safe. Pet User / Healer / Buffer Overlord, Rallying Cry, Force of Personality, Personal Minion Purchased in [RSX Solutions]: Training and Procedures or on the web interface for 1,500 Freecreds.
Desk Jockey When push comes to shove, even a desk jockey can be pushed past a boiling point and get involved in combat. Their aptitude for the technical is unrivaled, but, this doesn't precisely make them to most volatile in combat. Gear-focused Buffer Computer Nerd, Stapler Fury, Pocket Protector, Nerd Rage Purchased in the token shop for 100 reward tokens.
Determinator You're not the fastest, you're not the strongest, but you have the will to survive and every enemy you fell keeps you going. Vampiric AoE Repeats Strong Spirit, Bludgeon, Rapid Fire, Force of Nature Purchase the Determinator item in the elite shop for 20 Mako.
Drone Master Other agents love getting messy, and so do you, but it's different. You prefer the mess happen before the fight. You slave the long hours to perfect your servants. Once you're on the field, you let them wade into the mess under your supervision. Efficiency! Gear-focused Pet User / Buffer Security Drone, Overclock, Cover Me, Explosive Drone Purchased in the token shop for 200 reward tokens.
Explosives Expert Sometimes, the proper answer is explosives. Still, such things cannot just be hurled without care. Precision, expertise, and a steady hand are required if you want to be alive long enough to try it again. I know it looks like anarchist fun when you have a rocket launcher on your shoulder, but there's a lot of thought behind it, like who you're going to explode today. Think on it. Gear-focused AoE Big Hits Explosive Grip, Grenade Toss, Rocket Fire, Artillery Call Purchased in [RSX Solutions]: Training and Procedures or on the web interface for 150,000 Freecreds.
Flame Warden You've got this flamethrower, someone, at some point told you how to use it. It's kinda nice. It's also sorta hazardous to use. AoE Big Hits Blazing Fury, Stoke the Coals, Vent Heat, Self-Destruct Purchase and use the Flame Warden item in the elite shop for 20 Mako.
Fox Magician Ye of nine tails, weaver of deceptions and lies. You can lay down entire armies by striking at their heads. Those who are full of hubris and pride, they will not know they are falling until they've already struck the ground. Single-target DoT / Debuffer Mastered Duplicity, Honeyed Words, Kitsunetsuki, Ward of Inari
Frontline Soldier You wear the thickest armor you can, the loudest gun on the market, and wade thick into dangerous situations under cover of your own barrage, opening the way for those behind you. Protect, Defend, Assault, that's your motto and you're sticking by it. Technical Tank / AoE Repeats Never Stop, Pinning Barrage, Keep Moving, Get Down Purchased in [RSX Solutions]: Training and Procedures or on the web interface for 150,000 Freecreds.
Fullblade Edgelord For some, guns are the way. For others, using their bare hands. For you? It's blades. And not just any blade, but a massive, monolithic slab of reaving metal, ready to rip and rend. You've devoted yourself to mastering the edge with a killer's zeal. You will kill them to death with your massive blade. Vampiric single-target Big Hits DPS Edgy Bastard, Hot Topic, No mercy, Sanguine Massacre Purchased in the token shop for 200 reward tokens.
Heavy Fighter Hit hard, hit strong, and make every hit count! Swing the largest weapon around and show them who's boss. Big Hits DPS Scrapping for a Fight, Random Cudgel, Meet the Pavement, Back Breaker Purchased in [RSX Solutions]: Training and Procedures or on the web interface for 1,500 Freecreds.
Hell Raiser It's hard to say what makes hell so prone to mischevious trouble makers, rather than the more overt kind, but clearly, sometimes in spite of their mischief, they can have a heart of gold. They are, also, unfortunately not the best at soothing pains out there. Technical AoE DoT DPS Infernal Temper, Mephitic Burst, Dark Brigade, Diabolitics Obtained automatically after receiving the dedication badge upon purchase.
Incorrigible Jerk You are a terrible, Terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible person. Not that your friends would notice. Off-tank / DoT DPS Yer Face is..., Schadenfreude, Prickly Skin, Yer Mom Purchased in [RSX Solutions]: Training and Procedures or on the web interface for 1,500,000 Freecreds, but why would you do this?
Master Insurgent Get in, get the work done, and call in the rest of the team. Or just bring the team in with you! Instead of focusing on team building though, you work to bring your enemies down a peg or two. Pet User / Debuffer Demo Training, Constant Efforts, Gradual Assault, Call Backup Purchased in [RSX Solutions]: Training and Procedures or on the web interface for 150,000 Freecreds.
Midnight Templar Stalwart warriors that bring terrible curses with them. Their every blow seems to come with terrible debilitation as they keep their allies safe behind their formidable shields and unwavering souls. DoT DPS / Off-tank Strengthened Soul, Cruel Strike, Draining Strike, Midnight Slash Purchased in [RSX Solutions]: Training and Procedures or on the web interface for 150,000 Freecreds.
Milk Maiden You bear a heavy burden. While for most people this would be on your back, this was not your lot in life. Your burden rides on your chest, full of sweet restoring nutrition to stave off hunger and pain in your friends. They need not fear so long as you're around. Your milk is the solution to all their problems. Healer / Buffer Does a Body Good, Calcium Enriched, Pasteurization, Always Whole Purchased in the Cow Maiden dedication store for around 250000 freecred once you have obtained the badge for purchasing the dedication.
Mobster You're the one in charge here, see? Everyone else is gonna be alright, see, just hang back, let you call the shots, see? You always go around with some good fellas, and you keep them safe, so long as they do what you say, see? Pet User / Tank Mafioso Grace, Unrefusable Offer, Protection Racket, Trouble Boys Purchased in [RSX Solutions]: Training and Procedures or on the web interface for 75,000 Freecreds.
Monster Monarch Some say size isn't everything. Some are wrong. Size. Is. Everything. You live large, and come crashing down with all the bulk you've developed with pride and power. You may not be the fastest, but who cares? You'll be felt, that's for sure. Single-target Big Hits DPS Size is Everything, Atomic Beam, Belittle, Pinnacle of Stature
Monstrosity One enemy, several? Does it matter? They're all just targets waiting to feel your claws, fangs, and whatever other limb happens to be available to knock them down. You're a whirling vortex of destruction and moderately good at getting out of the way, but you're better able at continuing to mete out the pain while ignoring your own. AoE Big Hits DPS Will to Destroy, Dance of Destruction, Staggering Blow, Frenzied Assault Purchased in [New Dawn]: Feral Training or on the web interface for 300,000 Freecreds.
NanoTuner Your specialized training allows you to make optimal use of fortifying nanite programs. With practice, you can even gain mastery over a few programs that you can tune on the fly to deflect or augment specific forms of trauma both incoming and outgoing to keep your team operating at optimal efficiency. Technical Buffer Specialized Defenses, Specialized Offense, Magnified Assault, Broad Spectrum Defense Purchased in [RSX Solutions]: Training and Procedures or on the web interface for 150,000 Freecreds.
Nurturer Some mutants feel the urge to tend to the needs of others, be they their children, friends, or even strangers. Soothing the aches of others makes you feel better, and calms your own raging beast for a time. Healer / Buffer Maternal Instinct, Precautious Care, Encouraging Words, Angry Mother Purchased in [New Dawn]: Feral Training or on the web interface for 1,500 Freecreds.
Pack Rat Rod taught us to chill out, but he also taught us when it's time to be serious. This training covers both nicely, so just sit back, relax, and let the awesome rain down on you. Debuffer / DoT DPS Hip, Rad Turn, Awesome Twist, Tubular Takedown Purchased in [The Mall]: Mall Rat Territory or on the web interface for 75,000 Freecreds.
Plague Doctor You know exactly what they need, and how to make sure the most gain is had. Even better that the one who will benefit the most is yourself. Vampiric DoT DPS Questionable Practices, Miasmic Affliction, Controlled Bleed, Exsanguination Purchase and use the Plague Doctor item in the elite shop for 20 Mako.
Point Man Get in there, hit hard, and make mutants sorry they picked a fight with you! Classic Tank First In, Last Out, Never Fall, Never Surrender Purchased in [RSX Solutions]: Training and Procedures or on the web interface for 1,500 Freecreds.
Police Officer Protect and serve is a common motto among police officers. So protecting the innocent is a calling that many still feel, and while ultimately, the application of justice is for the courts to decide, the service and needs of the people are more immediately served by officers of the law. At least, that's the ideal. Many meet their end in this role. Be careful officer. Hybrid Buffer / Debuffer / Healer / DoT DPS Protect and Serve, Crime Against The Peace, Emergency First Aid, Tactical Consideration Purchased in [RSX Solutions]: Training and Procedures or on the web interface for 7,500 Freecreds.
Raccoon Guardian Imbued with the power of the king of Tanukis, the raccoon guardians are large and imposing, but they always have a smile. Willing to take terrible blows for their friends, they bounce it back with their large bellies and other bloated bodyparts and leave the foe sprawled on the ground and ready for their allies to mop up. Repeats DPS / Tank / Buffer Beat the Drum, Belly Blast, Rolling Over, Mastery of Forms
Rainbow Warrior You're a paragon of justice or something, of the colorful variety. You'll sell sugary cereal and promote something or other, probably toys. Repeats DPS / Healer Theme Song, Flamboyant Pose, Strobing Colors, Rainbow Revive Purchased in [RSX Solutions]: Training and Procedures or on the web interface for 10,000 Freecreds.
Regen Scrapper Infused with the power to simply never give up, you are impressively difficult to keep down. They may land telling blows, but it just never sticks, and you're soon back on your feet and ready to continue pummeling. Durable DPS Fast Healing, Resilience, Instant Healing, Dragon Tail Acquired after regenerating 13% of HP or more in a single regen tick.
Sniper Hit hard, hit fast. Hit like a thunderstorm before they hit back, because you're not here to take hits, just dish them out, hard and fast. Single-target Big Hits DPS Line the Shot, Hold Your Breath, Squeeze the Trigger, One Shot One Kill Purchased in [RSX Solutions]: Training and Procedures or on the web interface for 37,500 Freecreds.
Social Agent Fighting isn't the only way the world is going to be improved. We need people willing to talk to other people. We need doers and acters. The builds need to be erected and upkept. The fights have to be quelled. Are you ready to be a force of change? Jack of Many Trades (roleplay focus) Gear Up, Be Prepared, Emergency Plans, Radio Backup Purchased in [RSX Solutions]: Training and Procedures or on the web interface for 150,000 Freecreds.
Stealth Ninja Cloaked in the arts of Shinobi and Kiri, you've learned the art of being the shadow, of disappearing in the corner of an eye. Those trained in this discipline value stealth and striking with deep penetration, of strategy versus heavy hits. Back Row DPS Shadow Depth, Piercing Night, Choking Fog, Deathblow Purchased in the token shop for 200 reward tokens.
Storm Caller For those who're already one with nature, calling down the fury of the storm becomes a second nature. Drawing on the dire elements of lightning, thunder, sleet, acid rain, and even the burning heat of raining, volcanic tears, the Storm Caller can bring on the storm. AoE DoT Embrace Destruction, Elemental Ray, Elemental Blast, Orb of Storms
Strategist You prefer brains over brawn, thinking several steps ahead for the perfect opportunity to enact the perfect maneuver to win the battle. Buffer / Debuffer Marching Strategy, Offensive Plan, Counter Tactics, Master Plan Purchased in [RSX Solutions]: Training and Procedures or on the web interface for 45,000 Freecreds.
Street Samurai The Street Samurai is a master of weapons, one with extensive training often combined with carefully chosen nanite augmentation to enhance their combat potential beyond normal human limits. They often adopt codes of honor as well, from simply not harming innocent bystandards to more complex codes like bushido, as a way of holding on to their humanity in a nanite-infested world. Technical Big Hits DPS Tranquil Acumen, Windless Cut, Blade Parry, Setting Sun Acquired by talking with Diya after dedicating to the Weapon Master dedication.
Tail Guard Someone has to keep the riffraff out, and that's you. You decide who comes in and who has to stay out. Anyone who disagrees will find a swift trip to the pavement, with you little more than a blur. Main Tank Talk to the Paw, Bark and Growl, Threatening Bite, On All Fours Obtained in the Husky Den by talking to Chris.
Tormentor Poisons, burns, and other nasty things. Torment your foes until they grovel, beg to be forgiven! DoT Debuffer / DPS Winners do Drugs, Does this Smell, Poisoned Dart Spray, Noxious Fumes Purchased in [RSX Solutions]: Training and Procedures or on the web interface for 1,500 Freecreds.
Tousky Party Escort Everyone around you is so serious all the time! It's your job to get in there and be the center of attention. Show them how to have a good time; sooner or later, they'll get the point. DamageReturn Tank Party Fowl, Thorn to be Wild, Dance Partner, Guest of Honor Purchased in [New Dawn]: Feral Training or on the web interface for 120,000 freecreds.
Tukupar Itar Literally translated as 'Sky Coyote', and figuratively as 'Trickster God', Coyote's ego is larger than life, and perhaps for good reason. Managing both to debilitate foes and send them into a blind rage, it is a rare person who manages to frustrate their enemies to no end... and survive in the process. Taunt Tank / DoT DPS That's No Moon, Mail Order Madness, Scattering Stars, Lick Wounds
Twilight Breaker Through focus of mind and awareness born to crystalline clarity, you have gained insight into the matters of combat. This balance of mind, spirit, and body makes you formidable in combat, able to see opportunies and react quickly with deft, concentrated force, penetrating through defenses like chipping the facets away from a gem. Single-target DoT / Debuffer Cutting Edge, Crystalline Clarity, Calming The Storm, Refractive Mind Obtained by stepping into the Training Halls attached to the Dusk Dragon Shrine after purchasing the dedication and receiving the badge.
Wasteland Paladin The knight in shining armor. The caretaker of the weak and defenseless. You are a bastion of hope to those who call you friend! Main Tank / Healer / Buffer Defender Stance, Redirection, Lay on Paws, Call of Vitality Purchase and use the Wasteland Paladin item in the elite shop for 20 Mako.

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