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Merits are special characteristics you select during character generation (or "chargen" for short), which further differentiate your character from others. See Perks for the ones you can buy after chargen; note that there is a lot of overlap between the two types.

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Merit Description Perk Points XP Cost after chargen
All Natural You don't need no crazy nanite super powers! You got a helmet, a knife, a gun or a stick a dynamite. It's you vs the world, and you're going to take it head on! Your loadout capacity increases by 30(stacks with Always Be Prepared), you may NOT use any mutant power(including passives). Your items are more effective than others. 10 100
Always Be Prepared You believe in always being prepared. Increase loadout capacity by 20(normally 100). Does not stack with itself. 6 60
Always Female You can't cease to be female. You will always have at least one vagina of four inches depth. 2 20
Always Male You can't cease to be male. You will always have at least one cock of four inches length. 2 20
Baby Machine You know how women have been trying really hard to not be labeled like this? Well, yea, here's your badge. You become fertile in half the time after pregnancy. 5 50
Born Female You are, at least to start, equipped as a woman. 0 n/a
Born Leader You are quite the leader, and it shows in those that follow you. Your summons lose one less level due to multiple summons in play at once. 10 100
Born Male You are, at least to start, equipped as a man. 0 n/a
Breadth Of Experience Most people settle into one, maybe two jobs in their life and call it a day. Not you! You can buy one additional profession(Usually 6, now 7). Does not stack. 5 50
Breast Pump Your breasts don't like shrinking, just growing. If you want all you organs to only grow, see One Way instead. 1 10
Cold Immune You require no heat to sustain your function. Arctic regions are a snap. Cold attacks still harm you. 2 20
Connected You are especially connected with the little people. When buying from specialty shops (NPC shops where you list and view and buy), you get a 10% discount. 8 80
Custom Work You do things your way. When buying things, you can increase its wealth rating by 1 and give the item a custom name and description, making it special from others of the same function. This doesn't change its actual function. 5 50
Depths Of Love With all these horses running around, someone has to be able to take on the job. That someone is you! With this, your female bits can stretch onwards past eighteen inches of depth, allowing you to be a true dragon's bride. 2 20
Doesn't Breathe You don't require air to live. This also grants pressure immunity to deep sea or deep space conditions. It does not provide locomotion, however. 2 20
Easily Medicated Healing effects strike you more readily, how handy! You are healed for more by regen and curing powers/effects. 5 50
Efficient Tinkering You spend 20% less Freecred while improving parts. Make a little go a long way. 5 50
Energetic You have 5 more points of energy. 4 40
Fell Off The Truck You're good at getting discounts, at least when it comes to Zephyr Corp and similar big boys. When buying things from the global shops (list items), you get 10% off! 5 50
Female Preferred You resist Male mutations. You can only be female or neuter. 3 30
Fertile When you breed, you mean it, and the chance of child is raised by 20%. 3 30
Flat Chest You don't grow breasts. Well, nipples, maybe, but never more than that. You are doomed to never feel the joy(?) of a bra. 2 20
Flight You possess some internal ability to move through air and space. It could be magic, it could be a build in rocket pack, whatever it is, you can get around. Does not grant immunity to vacuum 4 40
Graceful In Defeat You do not get 'defeat' messages when beaten up, avoiding them, and their consequences. 1 10
Graphic Finale You tend to run into the fully described victories and defeats more often than other of people. 4 40
Hard Skin You're a real man, a manly man! What's a kick in the face mean to you? Pfft, you've had worse. You resist physical damage better than others. Grants level scaling physical damage resist. 5 50
Heat Immune Heat does not bother you. While fire based attacks will still harm you, environmental heat will not. Jungle planets, volcanic planets, no sweat for you. Passive fires(not being wielded as a weapon) also deal no damage to you.

Warning: The sun can still melt you. Don't push it.
2 20
Heavy Breasted Your mammary flesh knows no bounds! This allows you to have breasts above H cup, and you don't even have back pain! 2 20
Herm Preferred You can never lose your last cock or cunt. 2 20
Heroic Strength You may use a hero point to perform a feat of outstanding strength. Tearing a metal door off the frames or hurling a car aside. This does not increase, or generally cause, damage, beside collateral. 4 40
Hot Blooded You have the blood of heroes in your veins. You have an extra hero point to spend. 4 40
Hung Like A We're not sure what you're hung like, but it's damned impressive, good sir. You can have a cock over 18 inches long. Only the first 20 inches affect powers. 2 20
Just One You will not grow extra cocks or vaginas. 1 10
Longevity Most beings only have a century of life in them, two with quality medical care, you count your lifetime in thousands instead.(AI and Golems do need this, electronics break down quite well). 4 40
Looks Human You look human. You will never have a mutant description, though you will still get mutant powers and gender changes. 5 50
Major Infection Resistance When you should be infected, there's a 70% chance you will resist it. 10 100
Make Love Not War You just don't want to fight! Submitting causes you to lose 50 energy and 50(level modified) hit points, but doesn't send you back to home. The monsters will be dismissed as per successful flee. You will still get a defeat message with side affects. 5 50
Male Preferred You resist Female mutations. You can only be male or neuter. 2 20
Many Breasted More is better. Simple math! You can have more than four breasts, why not six? eight? Maybe ten? If they love staring at two, you'll knock em dead with a dozen! 2 20
Maximum Depth Your vagina resists reduction infections.(Consider one way if you want your cock to resist as well) 2 20
Maximum Length Your Cock resists reduction infections.(Consider one way if you want your vagina to do so as well) 2 20
Minor Infection Resistance When you should be infected, there's a 30% chance you will resist it. 3 30
Modest Cock Your cock will only become 12 inches at most.(Consider modest organs if you want to limit your vagina too.) 1 10
Modest Organs You won't expand beyond 12 inches, in or out, or grow extra innies or outties. 2 20
Modest Vagina Your vagina will only become 12 inches at most.(Consider modest organs if you want to limit your cock too.) 1 10
Nanite Controller Your ability to keep nanites under control allow you to use slightly overpowered nanites during crafting/upgrading. 5 50
Never Cover a Hole You will never lose a vagina. 1 10
Never Drop a Sausage You will never lose a cock. 1 10
Never Surrender a Breast You can't lose breasts from infection. Aren't you a talented thing? 2 20
No Balls As advertised. You do not have and never will have balls. 1 10
No Female Sex You will not trigger victory messages when defeating or being defeated by female enemies. This is purely a preference merit, to make our players more comfortable. It is free. 0 n/a
No Male Sex You will not trigger victory messages when defeating or being defeated by male enemies. This is purely a preference merit, to make our players more comfortable. It is free. 0 n/a
One Pair You will never have more than two breasts. 2 20
One Way Your genitals only grow, and resist diminishing infections. Including breasts. 3 30
Passing Grade Chest Your breasts will never fail the class! You cannot grow breasts to F size or larger. 2 20
Prized Jewels Some men dream of having golf balls between their legs, forget that. You're aiming for celestial bodies to hold your seed. This allows your balls to swell as large as they please. 2 20
Rapid Infections Sometimes, your immune system succumbs to the promethean virus multiple times when it fails, resulting in very rapid transformations. 4 40
Reflective Skin Getting shocked is nothing new to you. It happened so often you barely notice it anymore. +EnergyResist 5 50
Self Control You do not give into feral impulses. You will not trigger 'victory' messages on winning, even while infected. 2 20
Sexually Stable You simply do not change, sexually. You might become a gerbil, but at least you won't have to deal with gender flipping, or exploding out of your underwear. This includes your breasts. 5 50
Sterile Instead of fixing you up, the nanites went horribly wrong. You cannot bear children. You could still sire them though. Stud. 4 40
Tanuki Grade Your balls resist attempts to shrink them. Bigger is better. Ask any raccoon dog. 1 10
Tough You have 5% extra hit points. 7 70
Ultimate Infection Resistance You simply cannot be infected. WARNING: This makes getting mutant powers IMPOSSIBLE. The game will be MUCH MORE DIFFICULT for you! Do not take this lightly! Note: This does not stop sexual changes, see Sexually Stable. 10 100
Weak Immune System Your weak immune system results in more infections, causing more changes to you when struck. 4 40
Wealthy Your economics skill is considered 2 higher (even over 3!) for sake of Freecred earned from battle rewards. Does NOT affect shop prices, quest rewards, mission rewards, or how much your mother loves you. 6 60

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