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Path to the mountain: This path is filled with junk here and there, it seems like in the distance is what was once a junkyard, but now seems to be a mountain made from all the junk! The vegetation thins out as you move along, giving way to the massive amounts of useless old electronics and broken objects.

Section B: Bit narrow now, the junk seems to be growing larger on either side. The larger items of junk that are tossed seem to get collected in this area. You may notice the occasional factory part, or stacks of used tires, or even large steel vats. These once useful items have been brought here and left to be forgotten since becoming no longer useful in their practical sense. The inhabitants of the junkyard do not seem entirely pleased with your presence here and the larger of them aren't afraid to show it.

Quests & Points of Interest:

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  • [[Found another Quest? Add it here!]]

List of Monsters found in the Junkyard Mountain Sector B

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