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Major Factions/Groups

Zephyr Inc



Rsx Solutions was founded in the early 1900s as a government funded scientific lab. Their lab coats were stiffly starched from the start and it never quite changed from then. With the emergence of importance in the microprocessor, the lab slowly focused its studies on it, developing cutting edge electronics in the highly competitive market, reaching for as much government funding as it could get. When offered the chance to develop Prometheus, Rsx Solutions was eager. The funding was nearly limitless. The catch, they had to partner with Zephyr Incorporated, a 100% civilian run bio firm that wouldn't know confidentiality procedures and proper testing protocols if their life depended on it. Rsx Solutions, remaining ever professional, agreed to the partnership. The results are what we have now. The nanites were created, and unleashed improperly.

Some say Rsx Solutions is to blame. It was their circuitry that controlled the nanites in the first place, after all. Where else could it have gone wrong? Rsx Solutions denies this. Rsx Solutions also levies claims of crimes on Zephyr Inc for not innoculating their employees against the nanites. "We've had an anti nanite drug since half way into the project. I cannot fathom why the 'Management' of Zephyr Incorporated would choose to not make it easily available to those who work for them."

Rsx Solutions employees are all given free and easy access to anti infection drugs(Consider resistance or immunity merits as very themely choices for this faction). Extremely mutated employees are discriminated against, and can look forward to not being promoted if they don't get their bodies back under control.

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The Prometheans are the result of some mutants holding to their sanity despite the mental rewiring of the Prometheus virus. This can happen for a variety of reason. Sheer willpower, simple mild defects in the brain causing a failure in pattern matching, and perhaps a dash of luck. The Prometheans seperate themselves from other 'mutant societies' by not being limited to a specific species or location. They abide by a set of moralities and a communal goal that binds them. The Prometheans have a leader, a charasmatic female mutant that leads with motivational speeches and firm tactical acumen.

Ideals/Points of View


Self Control Do not let the beast within you rule. You are the master, it is a source of power, not a source of guidance or morality. Just as we master the urge to defecate at first tickle, we must learn to master these new urges and put them in their proper place.

Charity Not all mutants are as fortunate as us, give freely to suffering brothers and sisters. You will find more. They may not.

Compassion You are not alone in the world. We will survive as a people when we are all bound as kin, despite our differences. Abide the human, his time may be past, but he is our father, and should be well guarded and loved. Abide the feral, they know not what they do, and light may yet be shone in the darkness of their minds.

Strength We are given strength for a reason. We must not sit idle by. There are things that need doing, for the good of all, and we will do it. Shun the man or woman who shies from dangerous work. Our lives are short, but our mark on the world, eternal.


Lust The expression of affection is a wonderful thing, but it has its place. Restrain your urges when there is work to be done. Do not impose yourself on those who do not welcome your embrace. If you feel the grasp of lust becoming too powerful, surrender yourself to your Promethean kin, and we will shelter and care for you until your control returns. Do not slake your lust with Feral kin, or you may lose yourself.

Rage The world has dealt us a harsh hand, but we must play it calmly and intelligently to win. Blind anger will not benefit. You risk yourself. You risk your kin. It is a danger that has no reward.

Degredation It is too easy to consider yourself 'less than' man, so far removed as to be immune to social requirement or grace. The Promethean way is not one of savagery. Clothing is a symbol of our grace and dignity. Jewelry shows the personality of the wearer. Garb yourself in the trappings of our new society, do not abandon civility in the face of the beast's urges.

Family Structure

Prometheans, as a whole, are loose about their family requirements. New Dawn has a child crèche, where people who are inclined may instruct, care, and guide the youth of the society. Those who have children may surrender their child to the crèche and give no further thought to it, if they so wish. It is considered a mark of maturity to accurately gauge one's ability to bear responsibility. Better to give up a child to good care, then to 'soldier on' and deliver poor care personally. Still, there is special prestige afforded to one who can be a good father or mother while not shirking Promethean duties, but such people are less common.

There are special challenges, dues to children being of full physical maturity and mental acuity. Classes tend to be much more practical and hands on. Babying these children only alienates them. You can't tell them, so they are shown. They are shown how to fight, how to greet and be polite, and how to prosper in a world gone wrong.

Individual romances are not very formalized. Though some claim 'marriages' or 'life bonds', the leadership of the Prometheans afford no official recognitions. Unofficially, people do recognize and respect announced romances, though do grow tired of anyone whom announces them too frequently. Promiscuity is a sign of degradation, especially when one is convinced they have found their 'one and only' every week.

Group romances are more common by far than before the fall. Family groups of several adults may commit to a communal romance. Despite their insistence, Prometheans are not beyond human failings. Many such groups do eventually fall apart to feelings of jealousy between its members, but not all. In the end, individual or group, romance is something one has to put real effort into, and that has nothing to do with being a Promethean.

Views of Other Factions

Survivalists Sequestered remnants of a dead age. They show admirable self control and perservation, and they admire our control in return. Approach with your hands in view and speak slowly. They are not unkind people, simply frightened. They are no threat to our plans, as holed up as they are. Their fear of action is their weakness.

NUTS The military. Where were they when the fires of Prometheus rained on us? They failed then, they remain a failure now. Avoid them, they have dangerous tools, and no control in their use.

Zephyr They were involved in bringing the change on us. We owe them some, small, thanks for it, but do not speak it. They are dangerously deluded. They are ruled by inhuman gods that care nothing for their fate or minds. They will overwhelm with numbers. They wield dangerous technologies. They work for 'science', and science has little room for our people. They bring death to our Feral kin without remorse. We cannot allow them victory. If they win, their ultimate act of terrorism will be rewarded with rulership of the world. We act as agents of karma, denying them sovereignty over a world they destroyed.

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