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Awards the [[Codebreaker Badge]].
Awards the [[Codebreaker]] badge.
=== Hints ===
=== Hints ===

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Name Bus Stop Lockers
Quest giver Lockers
Faction Independent
Start location A Lonely Stop
Requirements Some mathematical ability (OOC)

Note: This quest does not actually appear in your quest log.

Some way to the east of Fairhaven, just before the woods near the Sagan Memorial Observatory, is a lonely bus stop that presumably hasn't seen a bus for quite some time. There are some strangely well-kept lockers there, each with a combination lock. It's anyone's guess why they exist, but whoever put them there clearly intended them to be opened as they left one locker open with a note in it that explains how to find the combinations for the others. Decipher the mathematical puzzles, and you too can satisfy your curiosity about what's inside!

Awards the Codebreaker badge.


  • Read the note in locker eight carefully. It explains the rules that determine what the possible combinations are
  • It helps to generate a table of the possible valid combinations before attempting to narrow down the options for each locker
    • In the best traditions of a certain british TV show, here's one someone prepared earlier as OpenDocument and PDF files
    • Note that in the above table for any given value of n, values for P1, P2, and P3 do not have to be selected from the same row as a, b, and c are independent values