Automated Multiplayer Updates/2023 December

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Chinthliss says, "New command - profile - intended to replace pinfo/+finger. Does the same as such, as well as the beta webpage's profile pages."

Nuku smoothly says, "Fixed a bug that could make list perks crash."

Nuku smoothly says, "Trinkets removed from the game. Creds rain like mana from the heavens these days."

Chinthliss says, "Leaving a group moved to a separate command (+group/leave) so that it isn't gated to the leader."

Chinthliss says, "Maybe fixed a couple of 'search' error messages that weren't playing correctly (One to let you know a search failed because of someone not in your party being in the room and one to let you know you're above the max level for the area)"

Chinthliss says, "Laston now shows idle time and location if someone is online. If you've got a custom laston format, they need to be added as %i and %l respectively if you want them. Laston was also given the alias 'ping'."

Fauna wantonly purrs, "New folks will once again have newbie open by default"

Chinthliss says, "When upgrading a power from a boss vial, the vials level is capped to 'max level + 6' for considering eligibility. This is to fix an issue where it's possible to obtain boss vials that are too high level to use even when max level."

Chinthliss says, "Added a suggestion to unmentor during upgrading powers from boss vials, since it effects eligibility."

Nuku smoothly says, "Marathon Runner edge removed"