Automated Multiplayer Updates/2022 May

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eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Issues with Vial Extraction involving Busty Labrador and Dedication forms both fixed."

Nuku hisses, "The bad ssl certs are fixed."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Thanks to Stretch Goals, Celestial Attendant has been given Color Chooser, Kemonomimi, and Tail Divider support!"

Same Old Song says, "Added the missing Tailed flag to Deer Herm."

Tinkering Little Critter squees, "The Staff of Wisdom has been given a bonk downwards in its status magnitudes given the Single Target buffs has made this thing capable of shutting down things a little too effectively (Hello. It does 20,000 Healgaindebuff and 167 Delaydebuff when optimized). To compensate a bit, its cooldown was reduced from 6000 to 5000 and its secondary effect now also affects the user."

Same Old Song says, "Fixed a bug in Fox Boy/Fox Girl forms where, if you were not using Color Chooser, it would mention you having orange/auburn fur on the ass, head, or near the groin. The check for a 'furred' flag to show these had been replaced with checking if your skin mutation matches, so fur color should be more consistent with hybrids now."

Tinkering Little Critter squees, "The Solar Dragons have finally been granted the boon of a class all their own! The Dawnbringer is a radiant beauty channeling the power of the stars to devastating effect. The class is now available to all dedicants. I will be keeping an eye on the class and its performance and adjust its state in the coming weeks. Should any issues be noticed, kindly contact me. Thank you, and enjoy!"

Same Old Song says, "Fixed some typos in the Ant Girl ass description. Fixed the Micro Fox checking for having the Short or Tiny perks to determine Defeat scene eligibility instead of the player's height directly (you could have a size 6+ character with those perks, so it didn't make sense)."

Tinkering Little Critter squees, "The Invisible modifier was given a clearer description. People were making some pretty rough assumptions with that one."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Editplayer's Fluid Preference setup should now work properly to be updated with the changed names of merits. Also, Neuter is an acceptable option."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Thanks to Stretch Goals, Sleepy Sheepgirl has been given Color Chooser support."

eWrecked Glitch uwu's, "Thanks to Stretch Goals, Crested Wyvern has been given Color Chooser and Kemonomimi supports."

Same Old Song says, "Added three new farverbs: fargivein, farride, and farobey."

Same Old Song says, "Added another farverb by request: farkneel."

Chinthliss says, "Added a link to character profile pages to pinfo/finger."