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Codeberker Inutt says, "To help out newbies, the comm system now requires a minimum of four words when sending messages on the newbie channel. Shorter messages will provide some helpful information instead of causing a mav."

Codeberker Inutt says, "After additional consideration, the mav prevention message will now only be shown once. After your first notice, you're responsible for your own mavs again :-P"

eWrecked Glitch bumble-buzzes, "Yay, Disableable items with Engraved names will now show as Disabled: in front of it when you check +gear."

Codeberker Inutt says, "lick and fuck commands should be fixed again after I broke them :-S Please continue to report any further issues with smooshing moist bodyparts together."

The Hammer, the Anvil and the Critter squees, "Put those Clothing_Recipe_Recipe_Recipe fakes on ice. Hopefully they won't resurface."

Codeberker Inutt says, "Rejoice ye folks that like to be stuffed at all times - the Full of Nanites mpool has been implemented! The nanite command now has an additional option, nanite fill my <part> to command your nanites to generate artificial spunk in the orifice of your choice until it's full. The amount of nanites expended in the process is proportional to how much 'filling' you need (you'll get a chance to confirm the amount before you actually spend them). It's possible some of the usual orifices are not yet supported, in which case, please get in touch. Please use responsibly, and be mindful of slip hazards caused by leakage."

Codeberker Inutt says, "A (slightly experimental, feedback appreciated) fluids command added for assessing how full of fluid you are."

Codeberker Inutt says, "The fluids command should now handle filled statuses better."

eWrecked Glitch bumble-buzzes, "Update to existing questline: Over in Japan, there is an altar where items found through the irradiated fringe can be sacrified to gain possession of template forms from teh region. An additional one has been added, though to find it, you must explore the Irradiated Township to find an August Pearl. The rewarded template is brand new, as well."

eWrecked Glitch bumble-buzzes, "Lift code's been updated to include the effects of being tauric and/or serpentine more effectively and reduces the mass for lifting by minusing out the sex organs and other non-lifting tissues involved (tits, cock, balls) with Weigh Training again having an effect to mitigate this reduction as was before."

Nuku smoothly says, "Firing multiple fast-but-not-ultra-fast powers at once is now prevented properly."

Nuku smoothly says, "Out of power use."

Nuku smoothly says, "Plugged another spot you could spam powers in."

eWrecked Glitch bumble-buzzes, "Welcome Mat Mako Pool has been fulfilled completely. Badges handed out, item coded, display added in, and items and copyright rewarded to backers accordingly."

eWrecked Glitch bumble-buzzes, "The results from the mako pool Weight Gaining Cum have been implemented. Weight Gain Cum is now available in the Elite Shop for 50 mako, and its code is implemented into the fucking code. Badges have been awarded, and items have been awarded with copyright going to the largest backer."

eWrecked Glitch bumble-buzzes, "Alright, NOW Weight Gain Cum matches function of Weight Gain Milk."

eWrecked Glitch bumble-buzzes, "There was apparently a straggler to the fixed Weight Gain Cum. If yours is only enablind/disabling on usage, please drop a request, and we'll fix it. Did another game-wide sweep for it, and they SHOULD be fixed."

eWrecked Glitch bumble-buzzes, "Small revisions to +tent so that it'll acount for a lack of skin descriptions in infections AND for the human (0) infection."

eWrecked Glitch bumble-buzzes, "Bug with smell fixed. Those with a smell stat's smell will now be smellable."

eWrecked Glitch bumble-buzzes, "This affected mainly NPCs."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Reuploaded an accidentally overwritten library, in the process fixing nicks, breeders and other things shown in Contents section of rooms."

eWrecked Glitch bumble-buzzes, "Some minor corrections done to the +tentacle code so that it displays correct numbres and changes only existing tentacles."

eWrecked Glitch bumble-buzzes, "ws #far will now still show idlers even if you're set to ignore long-term idlers."

Nuku smoothly says, "ptarget can be used even if other actual combat commands are being put on hold."

Nuku smoothly says, "Fixed a bug that could cause Too Fast!."

eWrecked Glitch bumble-buzzes, "Christmas Elf has been updated for Color Chooser support and a nude-able possibility all thanks to an Infection Upgrade provided by Richard."

eWrecked Glitch bumble-buzzes, "Organ Sizes Table has been updated. *kermit flail*"

Nuku smoothly says, "Did a fix that aught to plug up 'too fast!' on auto."

Nuku smoothly says, "Fox's Shop set as not hidden, so you should be able to access it, even if you can't reach it physically."

Nuku smoothly says, "Fixed a situation where you could draw the ire of the too fast beast."

eWrecked Glitch bumble-buzzes, "The Mako Pool Upgrade with Boss Vials' coding has been completed and badges awarded. You can now use Boss Vials of appropriate mobs to upgrade powers they possess as if you were using an upgrade token per boss vial used."

Nuku smoothly says, "Stretch goal at 1,000 changed to updating a form with more support, like making one work with color changing or the leg splitter."

Nuku smoothly says, "Stretch Goal at 500 is now a new staff monster."

eWrecked Glitch bumble-buzzes, "Thanks to the Installment Buying Mako Pool, a ne woption has been implemented in non-consignment stores (NPC shops with infinite quantity of items): Invest. You can choose to invest in a particular item, and half your taxed income will go towards purchasing that item. You can set it to go infinitely, continuing to get you said item so long as you keep that investment option, or set a maximum number of the item you'd wish to acquire. You can stop investing by using invest and simply choosing to clear out your options."

eWrecked Glitch bumble-buzzes, "The money action will now show you if you've an active investment going and some details."

eWrecked Glitch bumble-buzzes, "Bug where proper butt-fucking options weren't being presented to full males fixed. It won't assume you're trying to breed when not using 's or with in the syntax, now if you specify a bodypart other than a cunt. For example, two males using: fuck <name> ass will now be able to butt-fuck properly despite lacking the 's or with. This includes all non-cunt options being fixed up that way."

eWrecked Glitch bumble-buzzes, "The Child-object fucking issue has now been resolved. Summoned Child objects can now properly be fucked using the fuck command again."

eWrecked Glitch bumble-buzzes, "The Support command has been revised to run a LOT swifter and more accurately, allowing you to use a variety of support triggers both inclusive and exclusive."

eWrecked Glitch bumble-buzzes, "Thanks to a Goal reward, Giant Robot has been updated with Color Chooser support. Woo!"

eWrecked Glitch bumble-buzzes, "+view has been updated to actually have a #help file in it."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Added the Serpentine wi flag."

eWrecked Glitch bumble-buzzes, "Thanks to the completion of the Interior Decorator Mako Pool, +view #set and all its functionality has been incorporated into the +view command. Having this one-per-account mako item enables you to set descriptive items within rooms you control."

eWrecked Glitch bumble-buzzes, "Thanks to the completion of the Nicknaming Mako Pool, a new mako Item, the Nicknamer, is now available. Requires only one per account to enable all cahracters on your account to give themselves a nickname using the +nickname command. This will show in usages of pose, say, spoof, room looks and WhoSpecies, but not in FA or other character-location-determining thingies. Real name will still be present in ()."

Nuku smoothly says, "Glanceat command restored."

pretentious fox Hex~ smoothly says, "upgrade <power> detail now displays the energy cost and the amount by which it has been modified."

pretentious fox Hex~ smoothly says, "upgrade <power> detail now also displays information about secondary damage and friends"

pretentious fox Hex~ smoothly says, "Secondary statuses are accounted for in the status effect listing of upgrade <power> detail. You can tell which ones are secondary because the secondary effects are prefixed with secondary."