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Reaper of Code Inutt says, "The Weapon Master, Diya, has communed with the void and reestablished a connection between his armoury and the... er, void... thing... place? Whatever. Advanced Weapon Masters with Void Certifications can now access the additional recipes again."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "+nisd software has been updated to address an issue discovered while working on something else - it will now show the level vials will be treated as when used, not as the often somewhat misleading number it did before. (Which was the highest level of any vial of that infection you had stored, incidentally). Additionally, +nisd/extract now takes an extra parameter so you can extract vials at a level below the level they are stored as, for purposes such as helping newbies, etc."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "Vial sorting machines at Zephyr and RSX headquarters have been deactivated until further notice - they were made effectively obsolete with the rollout of NISDs to all agents. The portable nanite sorter mako toy is also currently obsolete, but a repurposing is planned."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "Further adjustments have been made to the level of vials shown by the NISD - they're (mostly) back to the previous values because... reasons."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "Additionally, the Portable Nanite Sorter has now been repurposed (the mako toy, not the machines at Zephyr and RSX) and also has a new name! The all new and definitely not bodged into the existing code Portable Nanite Intensity Shrinker now enhances the +nisd/transfer command to automatically adjust the transferred vials to the receiving player's levels. Players with the previous item should find it has magically transmogrified into the new version."

Reaper of Code Inutt says, "New command: +contlock for editing the access lists of locked containers. It's hacked together from other code since the whole lock system's still a bit of a mess so don't expect much, but it appears functional. (Note: You still need to use a door kit with the @room command to lock a container)"

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Fixed a lot of bugs in +tentacle code. To summarize: 1. Tentaculator item now actually requires Tentacle Nanomagic as its description says. 2. Fixed a bug that was causing Tentaculator to increase the number of bonus tentacles granted by the Eldritch Spawn ded (sorry, but Zephyr hasn't figured out how to influence real magic yet). 3. Number of bonus tentacles granted by Eldritch Spawn increased from 4 to 8. 4. Fixed and greatly simplified the math. 5. Updated the descriptions of Eldritch Spawn and Self Control perk to be more specific about what they actually do."

Just a Tinkering Critter moved Martyr's Skill Bonuses from the active (Martyr's Brand) to the Toggled (Martyr's Blood). How did this slip through the cracks, I do not know. But now it's fixed. So... yay?

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "The Electrified Chainsword was a bit of a mess, it had debuffs, it had knockdown, it did repeats, it did DOTs all at once... and with a staggering 35 loadout and 10 upkeep requirement to its name, well it was a bit too much all packed into one bundle. The ChargeDebuff was removed, the regular Knockdown was removed, the CritKnockdown stayed but its chance to proc was given a light nerf. The other stats remain unchanged, however... the loadout was reduced from 35 to 20, making it the 20/10 reliable hybrid DOT/Repeat weapon it was originally intended to be. All the other values are as they were before. Enjoy!"

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Added support for banning mobs from Boss Bounties. Currently, Goo Girls and Treants are banned (hopefully). If you know more pet-summoning mobs, let me know."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "The Love Dice mpool has been fulfilled! Available in the Elite Requisitions for 10 mako, they can provide you with 266 possible ways to add some spice to your bedroom."

Dog Song says, "Fixed String Parsing, extra or missing spaces, and/or grammar issues in the Android torso description, Aquafeline ass description, Awesome Opossum's defeat scene, Chocolate Bunny skin transformation, Dark Wolf arms, legs, and torso descriptions, Drachenfel skin and torso descriptions, Drachenfel defeat and victory scenes, Equinox Reaper defeat and victory scenes, Hungry Plush Dragon arms, head, and legs descriptions, Hungry Plush Dragon victory scene, Pastel Drawgoness torso transformation, Pastel Drawgoness defeat and victory scenes, Planar Panther ass, arms, groin, head, and torso descriptions, and Planar Panther defeat and victory scenes. This should address some edge cases where the wrong scene would play or a scene would not play at all. Also added support for gendered pronouns in the Pastel Drawgoness's victory scenes and Planar Panther's defeat and victory scenes."

Dog Song says, "Fixed broken or poorly implemented Color Chooser code in Equinox Reaper groin, head, and skin descriptions, Muslin Moth head description, Pastel Drawgoness groin description, Planar Panther ass description, Tribal Giraffe skin description, and White Unicorn Mare victory scene."

Dog Song says, "Integrated (presumably misplaced) updates to Fox Boy's Kemonomimi head description and its skin transformation, which add Color Chooser support and secondary color support, respectively."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Minor adjustments to boss vial drinking. Nothing important."

Dog Song says, "Synchronized most fields between approved and submitted infections, keeping parity when viewed through the web editor."

Dog Song says, "To more accurately reflect infection properties, changed the following tags: Alpha Husky, Herm -> Male | Balaur Taur, Herm -> Neuter | Celedon, Herm -> Female | Flesh Fiend, Herm -> Neuter | Kaiju, Herm -> Neuter | Latexy Loxodonta, Herm -> Female | Masked Bandit, Herm -> Male | Osprey, Herm -> Neuter | Pack Leader, Herm -> Female | Parched Horror, Herm -> Neuter | Rabid Squirrel, Herm -> Neuter | Siamese Seer, Herm -> Neuter | Skeletal Miscreant, Herm -> Neuter | Skullbot, Herm -> Neuter | Ursa Major, Herm -> Female | Zebra, Herm -> Neuter"

Dog Song says, "Removed newline symbols (\n) of unknown origin in the Dracnadea Lupus skin description, Pastel Drawgoness skin description, and Thylacine Troubadour skin description."

Dog Song says, "Fixed missing- or double-spaces due to malformed String Parsing in the Drachenfel ass description, ass transformation, and torso description, Dralup torso and Kemonomimi torso description, Fertile Pheasant arms description, Flesh Fiend head description, Glade Guard Kemonomimi head description, and Vampanda legs description. Also fixed some incorrect pronoun replacements in the Aquafeline victory scene, Dralup defeat and victory scenes, and Toy Gryphon defeat scene."

Dog Song says, "Waldo has been teleported outside of an inaccessible location. You can now locate him again."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Added Edging and Cuddling wi tags."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Small bugfix: made math more precise in precious rpinfo, resulting in more accurate skill requirements."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Added +lovedice #private, which lets you roll the dice silently. Also, earlier increased the number of possible combinations to 285."

Dog Song says, "Fixed broken String Parsing in the Pinata template's Skin description, Skin transformation, and Torso description. This fixes text not appearing in certain conditions or being garbled together. Also removed a stray "53" at the end of the Legs Kemonomimi description."

Dog Song says, "The Fox Boy infection no longer mentions the player having fur in the arms, ass, groin, or head transformations and descriptions unless they have the furred flag. The Kemonomimi variants retain mentions of fur, and can now also have two-tone ears with Color Chooser like the base form."

Dog Song says, "Fixed String Parsing in the Sultry Snake and Vampanda groin transformations. These should now display properly based on your bits."

Dog Song says, "Fox Girl has received the same treatment as Fox Boy, no longer mentioning having fur in the arms, ass, groin, or head transformations and descriptions unless the player has the furred flag."

Dog Song says, "Further updates to Fox Boy and Fox Girl. Fox Boy received ported Leg Splitter support from Fox Girl. Fox Girl received improved Color Chooser support, up to parity with Fox Boy. Both forms now have additional genital and skin description variations."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Fixed a bug that was causing the support command to not detect color chooser support in cunt descriptions."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Due to stretch goals being reached, three brand new quirks have been added - Bicardiac, Shedding and Long Tongue!"

Reaper of Code Inutt squeakily meows, "Since this is FS and most people have multiple partners, Wedding Bands can now carry more than one scent. Scents are applied by +useing the band, so you'll still have hand your ring to each person whose scent you'd like it to have. Also, some minor changes to how scents are displayed by smell."

Dog Song says, "The caged Skunk Beast in the library research room has received a new sex scene for male or neuter players if the involved quest has been completed."

Nuku drawls, "New quick, rpinfo hollow"

Just a Tinkering Critter throws more words into the Point Man class description, primarily to give it some extra flare. Will be booping more class descriptions with time.

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Hank's weapon descriptions updated with a blurb to remind and inform folks that his stuff's precious."

Dog Song says, "Fixed a typo in the Dual SMGs recipe description."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Added a warning to TLDR's description, mentioning that it's not possible to use it to learn basic nanomagics."

Dog Song says, "Added Arm Divider support to the Gun Bunny form."

Dog Song says, "A new alternate sex scene has been added to the caged Skunk Beast in the skunk library. The scene was written and submitted by Kaine as part of the Writing Bounty program."

Dog Song says, "Updated Doctor Hellen's questline dialog to clearly indicate that changing genitals will be necessary to progress if male or neuter."

Dog Song says, "Based on player feedback, male and neuter characters no longer need to complete Doctor Hellen's quest to have sex with the Skunk Beast. Instead, they can reach the stage where a genital change would be required to progress and approach the beast. Hellen will be mildly annoyed, but allow it."

Dog Song says, "The Wolven Predator form has been updated. The Victory and oVictory scenes now use pronoun substitutions, and the groin and tail no longer mention having fur without the furred flag or the Kemonomimi perk."

Reaper of Code Inutt gruffly squeaks, "Fixed a looooooooooong standing bug that randomised a body part's mutation if your native form included a scent prop. It may have taken nearly six months for somebody to investigate, but two *very* simple bugs that suggest somebody didn't test their code properly(/at all) have been corrected. shift native and shift load=# should now correctly set your scent instead of randomly mutating a bodypart. Thanks to Borneo for testing and assisting with debugging."

Reaper of Code Inutt codes, "+bounty updated to show your current (web) salvaging mission and progress."

Reaper of Code Inutt codes, "After a review of their surplus supplies, Zephyr Inc have reallocated the Dropmod Database mako toy to the token store. It can now be purchased for the same 50 mako it could be before, but can now also be bought for 500 tokens instead, should you wish to do so."

Reaper of Code Inutt codes, "+reward should no longer give you PSPs if you already have five."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Implemented the Perked Internal Genitals mako pool. All 'Internal' perks can now be toggled by typing +shift <perk name>, as it is mentioned in their descriptions. These perks still cost points, so Adept - Internal Software is still worth using, because it gives free versions of these perks. Requesting perk refunds won't be necessary - you can disable the perk yourself and buy a new one."

Dog Song says, "Fixed broken Color Chooser parsing in Baofeng Long ass description, Egyptian Mau skin transformation, Sabertoothed Liger head Kemonomimi description, and Wechuge Skin Description. Fixed broken Arm Divider parsing in VTOL Lady arms Kemonomimi description."

Dog Song says, "*Also, fixed broken Color Chooser parsing in Hot Thorny Tendrils skin description and Wechuge ass description."

Fun Police X-ray beep boops, "Bugfix: You can get intimate with your offspring (or soemeone's who trusts you) once again."

Reaper of Code Inutt squeakily meows, "With liberal application of sniff-b-gone medication, the smell should now be a little quieter"

Dog Song says, "Fixed Color Chooser code checking for incorrect values in the Cyber Devil skin description, Damonisch Kin head Kemonomimi description, Dark Mistborn cock description, Marble Fox head Kemonomimi description, Moon Dolphin cock description, Moon Dragon head description, Moon Phoenix ass and skin descriptions, Red Panda skin transformation, Redeemed Reiko-koryo arms Kemonomimi description, Ryuneko skin description, and Stagtaur torso description."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Weighted (The modifier), had SelfRepair as one of its qualities, however this quality is now no longer functional due to items not breaking down anymore. It's been snipped and the modifier has been given a tiny nudge in Status Duration of +5%."

Dog Song says, "Alice the Gun Bunny has been reworked. She is now easier to access, all of her previously daily cycling wares are accessible every day of the week, items and completed recipes are listed in separate sections, dialog has been rewritten for more consistent characterization, and a plethora of bugs have been fixed."

Dog Song says, "Fixed Dracnadea Lupus groin transformation referring to multiple genitals as singular and singular genitals as multiple. Also added support for setting a secondary Color Chooser color."

Dog Song says, "Fixed Hungry Plush Dragon incorrectly setting a stat on the player. Retrigger the groin transformation to fix affected groin descriptions."

Reaper of Code Inutt codes, "money command fixed - it should no longer randomly switch between UI versions"

Dog Song says, "The Momma Bronto's victory UB scene requirements have been lowered from 37 cunt length to 24 cunt length (descriptor: impossibly elastic)."

Dog Song says, "After further consideration, Momma Bronto cunt length property increased from 16 to 22 (body length) and victory/ovictory UB requirements lowered from 24 to 22. This matches the form's defeat message for internal consistency."

Reaper of Code Inutt codes, "Multi-page lore entries can once again be viewed. lore <thing> will now show the first page by default, and show how many pages there are in the header. lore <thing>=<page number> will show you a specific page."

Reaper of Code Inutt codes, "A minor flaw in the comm system has finally been corrected - you can now start messages with a ' this" successfully!"

Dog Song says, "Fixed broken Color Chooser code in the Chubby Chick head Kemonomimi description, Crystal Avian ass description, and Okami Boi skin long-description."

Dog Song says, "Fixed NanoTuner's Tactician and Pack Rat's Endurance combat skill totals appearing in lowercase."

Dog Song says, "Fixed assorted broken String Parsing in Equinox Reaper. The form's local stats should now always function as intended."

Reaper of Code Inutt codes, "Talkscripting fix: Code that runs when you enter a room (such as the milk delivery quest, the dark forest, etc) now only runs once instead of twice like it did before."

Dog Song says, "Fixed the Mycocanidia groin transformation never mentioning cocks for herms due to faulty string parsing logic. Also added mention of multiple genitals if present."

Dog Song says, "Optimized the Equinox Reaper's head description parsing with better variable setting and case statements. The delay when viewing the form should be slightly reduced."

Reaper of Code Inutt codes, "The Carnal Recorder has been updated with an oddly missing feature - you can now use shift sexview=<slot number> to view what you have stored in a save slot in the same way as using shift view=<#> to view the Fine Tuner's slots. Thanks to Cheren for the suggestion! Also, the Carnal Recorder now has four slots instead of three to match the Fine Tuner."

Dog Song says, "Fixed "Scrapping for a Fight" on Heavy Fighter granting "Attack% chance at 100 power for 2/5 rounds" instead of the intended "Attack: 100% chance at 2 power for 5 rounds""

Dog Song says, "Added basic multi-genital support to the groin transformation messages of Alicorn Pony, Amoeba, Android, Arborlope, Australian Magpie, Awesome Opossum, Balaur Taur, and Baofeng Long. Other groin TF changes: Biotech Dragon and Bro are no longer blank for non-male characters, Blade Elf no longer mentions your groin being "firm" if not male, Blue Gryphon is no longer blank for neuter characters, Brown Bear Shemale no longer mentions messy orgasms when neuter, Bunnee no longer mentions genitals when neuter, and Hunched Drawf, Slushman, and Splinterer check for "cunts" instead of "cocks" for pluralizing female equipment."

Dog Song says, "The Opportunity helpfile no longer calls Psychic-type damage "Psycic"."

Dog Song says, "Fixed on-look descriptions for the NPCs Casey, Chenoa, and Violet not adjusting correctly after interactions due to checking for [player] instead of [looker]. Fixed Dmitri's description not appearing at all."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Well, it was nice while it lasted folks, but new policy has come into play. Self-resurrections are hereby never to be off-classible into. It's too powerful a utility to just yoink in without full commitment. Point Man's Never Fall has been made its 40, and Shield Smash has been made its 35. Tsk, oh well."

Dog Song says, "The Energized Recipe Modifier is no longer marked private and is now eligible for bounties. This matches the Computerized modifier. Both modifiers are available through the Racer Arena menu and the rpinfo description of both has been updated with information on how to obtain them."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Hang onto your butts folks, I am updating (reworking) Tail Guard."

Dog Song says, "The Canarvian, Chubby Chick, and Crurivastator groin transformation messages now have multi-genital support. The Candy Dragon, Cativa, Cerberus, and Combat Android groin TFs no longer mention growing cocks if female or neuter. Added placeholder groin TF text to avoid blank messages for Card Shark, Cauven, Celedon, Centaur Mare, Centaur Stallion, Chiller, Chocolate Bunny, Circus Clown, Corota, Corporate Cougar, Cow Maiden, Coyote, Crimson Pegasus, Crimson Wolf, Crystal Avian, and Crystal Spider. Fixed typos, grammar, and pluralization issues in the Cat Fox, Chocolate Lab, Clownfish, Coatl Servant, Collie Herm, Coyote, and Crimson Wolf groin TFs. The Cow Girl groin TF no longer mentions messy orgasms if neuter."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "The Tail Guard has realized their true calling is to be a good boy. They've left the Evacuating to the professionals and instead grabbed a Squeaky Toy to enjoy life with. Not like that you perverts! Or maybe like that, who knows? Depends on the doggo. All that squeaking is sure to draw in attention though! Befitting a good boy, they've stopped growling so much and learned to Roll Over which has the added benefit of getting them around some harm! Fancy! They've also been given a nudge towards being more tanky since... well they're tank doggoes. Threatening Bite got a little more threatening as it now leaves someone marked for vulnerability and... well that's about it! Enjoy!"

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Tail Guard will officially be the goodest boy with -Enduring Malice!"

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "In favor of one Taunting Strikes!"

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Hang onto your butts. I'm gonna finger AoE DPS a bit."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "Big Hit AoE DPS Was stripped of a point of Sac Fury, and given 1 Damage for it. Enjoy."

Just a Tinkering Critter squees, "AoE DPS was stripped of Driven and Health, and given Tactician and Flurry."

Dog Song says, "Blade Flurry's RepeatAttackDuration has been turned down from 10 to 6. This allows it to fully repeat before the cooldown duration of 6750 is up, not wasting repeats. See rpinfo Quad Punch for a comparison power."

Dog Song says, "In the interest of making it a little more competitive for repeats users, Jelly Whip now mildly scales with the Brawling proficiency (fighting with your body)."

Dog Song says, "Forced Milking has had its base damage increased from 12->14. Net damage is 30->35 after 3 repeats. Compare to 25 damage, 3 penetration Drain Vitae, which has higher Vampiric % and lower cooldown."

Dog Song says, "Electric Surge now inherits the minor DamageResistDebuff from its template power."

Code Spelunker Inutt codes, "Zephyr and RSX's human resources departments have had a word with their mercenary contacts, and told them that mercs are no longer permitted to lie about their level in parties. (Mercs will now show the correct level in the party command)"

Just a Tinkering Critter facepalms, "Removed the Regen from Defiled Blood, because what was I thinking making a bodily corruption be in any way curative?"

Nuku drawls, "mutant powers are now upgraded better by the wiki bot (not 100% but way closer)"

Nuku drawls, "Reminder, do not edit mutant power or other power pages on the wiki directly. Click on edit notes and work there, otherwise the bot _will_ run right over your hard work without remorse."

Dog Song says, "Electric Surge and Homing Missiles have been adjusted. Electric Surge costs 5 less energy (30->25) and had its Cooldown significantly reduced (10000->6000). Homing Missiles costs 5 less energy (30->25). Powers used for comparison: Wild Swing, Scythe Swing, Bullet Spray."

Code Spelunker Inutt codes, "Fixed an issue with nisd/transfer that was causing vials to entirely lose their level. Existing broken vials will be fixed shortly."

Code Spelunker Inutt codes, "OK, if that one-liner went to plan, everybody's broken vials should now have been set to their current level. If your nisd still reports any having no level, please file a +request."

Dog Song says, "Fixed the Saber-toothed Bard mob accidentally having "Betwitched:2" instead of the intended "Bewitched:2". Renamed the "Sabertooth Soldier" mob to "Saber-toothed Soldier" to match the infection name."

Dog Song says, "The class power Ripping Good Time is no longer NoAoE. This allows it to be affected by AoEMod, while still being effective for off-classing on Concentrated classes. Compare to the NoAoE mutant power Blade Flurry."

Dog Song says, "The class power Blood Bath has been buffed. The power now sets 10 mag Cascading on the caster for 3 rounds. This matches the cascading buff conferred by Brawler's Haymaker, incentivizes repeats more on Bloody Sadist, and hopefully allows for more build variety as either a repeats combo tool or raw damage power."

Code Spelunker Inutt codes, "tax command fixed, for those few of you out there running stores"

Dog Song says, "The class power Ripping Good Time has been adjusted again. Damage 10->12, Penetration damage 2->0. This is a buff overall, as additional regular damage scales better than low amounts of Penetration damage."

Dog Song says, "Heroic Outlaw got a few minor buffs in its class powers. Sneaky Sidearm now inflicts the Exposed binary status for 3 rounds, synergizing with the LockedON status. The Lincoln Green toggle no longer sets Exposed on yourself, making the class a little safer to use, especially when soloing."