Automated Multiplayer Updates/2017 December

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[Update] : main Hexaferrum sensually says, "There's something below the arborwatch manor. Perhaps those with an eye for details would be able to find something new there. Something nice and ghostlike, maybe even a little bit fuzzy. Anyway, have fun."

[Update] : main Hexaferrum sensually says, "Now compact balls will override the visible size of your nuts even when you're expansively rutting."

[Update] Nuku maternally coos, "Vanishing Nanomagic now defines 'visible light spectrum'"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Looks Native + Kemo now works for your head description."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Looks Native + Kemo now operates properly for your torso desc."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Let's get arms in the act!"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Concealed Mammaries added as a vanity perk(1 point). Those looking at you will see a flat chest."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Color added to error message when you try to chug an infection vial that is too high a level."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Repairing craft mod more than doubled in regen potency."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "* Existing items will update themselves, note."

[Update] : main Hexaferrum sensually says, "Advancment NISD exists. Those who donated should have it and the badge. Enjoy."

[Update] : main Hexaferrum sensually says, "Also, no breasts or flat chested with Female preferred now work properly."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed several typos in the Malevolent Menorah head transform message."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Illusion nanomagic given an extra clause for sanity."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch lightly chuffs, "When completing the Recursion mission to attain Recursion, it will no longer erroneously mention [shift], but refer to the [recurse] command and how it functions."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch lightly chuffs, "Thanks to an Infection Update, Small Felinoid now supports Chubby, and it has been given Kemonomimi support with a slight descriptive update."

[Update] : main Hexaferrum sensually says, "Well, Flat Chested should work with Female Preferred now. You'll have to mutate a lot for it to do its thing completely, since changes to gender and related stats is an incremental process."

[Update] : main Hexaferrum sensually says, "I think no breasts should also now work with Female Preferred. Much like the condition of the flat chested perk as I mentioned earlier, it requires some mutation for it to finish removing your breasts. Make no mistake though, soon your nipples will be no more."

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1513438795) placed onto the poll board by Nuku, called 'Nanomagic Ease. +poll/view Nanomagic Ease to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Fertile Land description updated to close a loophole."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Duty now gives cred and influence."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "New duty: Woodfield Patrol"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Fairhaven Patrol now exists!"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Emergency Heal edge debugged."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Farming duty created."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Duty command is fully functional! Take up a real dayjob to help improve the world we live in and get paid in good amounts of cred and influence daily. Having a dayjob is distracting, lowering your patrol points by 20% while having a duty."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "If you would otherwise have no milk production, having any amount of lactation status nudges you up to 1% base production before other things can nudge it higher (including Lact status)"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Lactation now forces (square root of mag)% minimum before enhancing. So, have 25 lactation status? You will have at least 5% production. This assumes you have breasts, of course."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Judges can now +pj #duty (duty) and push forward a duty as a reward. They will get xp and cred and the duty will push ahead 1 man-day per person so rewarded."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "This is so you can run scenes specific to a given duty and have it affect that duty, so if you run a patrol scene, go ahead and make the city safer. Secure a stash of food? Push farming, and so on."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Duty output tweaked to show progress."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Education duty is now Empathy+Comprehension"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "New duty, salvaging."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "You can now, for 0.5 mako, duty push (duty) and shove a duty ahead by 1 man-day."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Mutant power update. If a power has the 'naniteimmune' keyword in its type, it ignores nanite modifiers, positive or negative"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Long Ears is now naniteimmune. Your big ole ears will hear just as well in bubble as out, and a bunch of extra nanites won't make a difference."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Reminder: Out of bubble, mutant powers still work, though they are hindered(down to about 50% power). This includes healing, harming, and other effects. They are also more tiring, IC, so things that require constant effort, like flying, can't be done for nearly as long and you will need frequent breaks."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Instinctual Bond is now naniteimmune."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Nurture is now naniteimmune. Note, ICly, flicking on a mutant power toggle, nanite immune or not, is slower and more tiring to do, as the nanites do have to do the turning on. Once they're on, enjoy."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Everything based on the 'passive' power is now naniteimmune, for better or worse."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "New elite item: Mutant Power Discovery"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Fairhaven Patrol now takes Empathy and Negotiation, as fits its description more than Security did. You're dealing with the mutants and helping guide them, not imprisoning or trapping them."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Duty now displays the current base payroll."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Duty now shows what is needed to reach the next effect band."

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'Nanomagic Ease' has ended."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Scientific Nanomagic given a light bopping."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Nano Magician has received the same boppage."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "The cost of nano magician and scientific nanomagic reduced. If you had either, you get your points automatically."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "New edge, Nanomagic Perfection"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "duty command now shows your effective roll for each duty, making it easier to know which you're best at with just a glance."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "you can now duty push to pull overtime, spending 40 patrol points, getting a new duty roll and all the rewards that normally come with it. The old duty push has become duty makopush."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Duty update! Since the earliest public schooling has become available, the people are pleased, but your children also benefit. Children now gain a ramping XP bonus depending on how far education is pushed and operating."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "The education band was being misreported, this is fixed. We have graduated from Preschool to Kindergarten!"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "When a duty reaches 33% completion, it ceases being in emergency mode, and the DC drops by 1. If a duty reaches 75%, it only needs upkeep, and the DC drops by another 1(2 total)."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "It is now possible for a duty to rely on one or more other duties. If any given relied-upon duty is below 33%, +1 DC per. If any given relied-upon duty is above 75%, the surplus gives -1 DD per."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Duty now displays reliances."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "RPing by a source is now enhanced by the salvaging duty, the higher it is, the more rping by a source yields, to a max of +20%."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Duty cycle given a series of debuggings."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Duty cycle messages are now also web noticed to you, so you can see them in your web notices if you miss them in game."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "When a new week passes, instead of erasing what happened a week ago on that day, it will instead reduce it, allowing more lingering effects from the past."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "You can now duty favor (dutyname) to spend 30 influence/favor to convince some poor NPC to cover the duty shift of your calling, pushing it ahead one man-day."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "When rolling for a duty, you will now get some progress at even 2 under the dc, starting at 0.25 man days, then 0.5, 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, etc."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "duty now displays your available favor/influence."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "When you respawn as a survivor, the 1d100 roll for how long you wait is reduced by up to 20 points based on the level of Medical duty, meaning at 50%, you'll never get the worst result, and being found quickly is already more likely."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Fixed an error in the reduction of patrol points from duties. You now have more patrol points if you have a duty. Enjoy that!"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Fixed a rounding error in max patrol."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Duty roller should be much better about producing results like when you roll manually."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Fixed a bug with a duty not dropping its dc again when breaking 75%"

[Update] "Master" Of Science Fauna wantonly purrs, "updated Loki dedication description to clarify the way its access to nanomagic-like effects interacts with the nanomagic-perks (it doesn't)."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch fizzles, "Stalking Tigress now has Kemonomimi support."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Duty now colorizes the dc of each duty depending on how well it thinks you can do it. Red = Oh god no please. Yellow = Eh, you're alright I guess. Green = You can do this easily."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Duty's now have a minimum DC of 2. Literally sleeping at your job is unacceptable (one was headed towards becoming 0)"

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1513984067) placed onto the poll board by Hexaferrum, called 'Rut Diode. +poll/view Rut Diode to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'Rut Diode' has ended."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch fizzles, "Bug in Lift fixed."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "New duty created."

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1514069065) placed onto the poll board by Astatine, called 'Repeat Scenes for Duty System. +poll/view Repeat Scenes for Duty System to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Societal Land item added to elite store for 50 mako."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Duties now decay by 1/7th daily instead of specifically tracking what happened each day and erasing what happened a week ago."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Dutiful group improvement created."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "New merit, rpinfo selfless worker"

[Update] : main Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Rut Diode is available for the low low price of 2 mako. Have fun you people who enjoy sexual frustration."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Selfless Worker made to round UP to make it always be worth having."

[Update] : main Hexaferrum smoothly says, "There is now a calculator command, because I despise not having one. calc <equation> where all numbers and operators are separated by spaces. Have fun."

[Update] : main Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Now the calc command handles operators that care about order properly. Also it now includes the modulo operator %, which has the same precedence as multiplication and division."

[Update] : main Hexaferrum smoothly says, "The calc command now has a help command. To see the help, calc #help or calc help calc intohelp or calc give me the help. If you've not yet figured out the pattern there, it looks for the word 'help' in the arguments."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "New duty!"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Basic Economics now coded and ready. As it increases, more NPC activity will occur, buying things for up to 200 cred at 100% duty with a chance every 15 minutes for 1d4 items. (The chance is also influenced by basic economics' progress)"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "NPC buying is now 0.03 percent of the running economic throughput (multiplied by the percentage of completion of the duty). This means it can go up and down based on how much cred is flowing through the rest of the game."

[Update] Highway Song says, "The Bird of Paradise now has Leg Splitter support. Beautiful bird taurs abound!"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "The demonic cat now has a home in hell, where it belongs."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "New area open and eager for your business. Dare you step into hell? Can you even find it?"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "When NPC buyers go shopping, the tick channel will note it."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "The training womb is now available for purchase, allowing the train command from within your womb."

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'Repeat Scenes for Duty System' has ended."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Duties now require scenes to advance (besides working up the numbers). Note, you can still put in man days and they do accrue (and you get paid!), but the band will get stuck and the progress will not press past the blockage. Most existing duties were set to be already fulfilled."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "All duties can progress to at least 33% without a scene."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Duty now shows the actual _effective_ man-days. Note, the excess man days are NOT gone. They are there, awaiting their chance to be unleashed, and combatting decay."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch fizzles, "Rebirth's Secondary Status DoT updated to be Heat Damage."

[Update] "Master" Of Science Fauna wantonly purrs, "Tweaked Loki's desc to clarify some things."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Fixed a bug in duty when you were below the cap, but a cap awaited, that made it bleat in horror."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch fizzles, "Also, new Duty added! Runners rejoice, Parcel Service is now a choice!"

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch fizzles, "Parcel Service's progress will now affect the price to send an item to another location."

[Update] : main Hexaferrum smoothly says, "The calc command now supports parenthesis. Use them like you do the other operators, that is, with a space between them and the things you care about."

[Update] Highway Song says, "'The Zoo - Grasslands' is no longed erroneously marked as hidden. Players can now find mobs there via the terminal command."

[Update] : main Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Pummel has been rebalanced. Unfortunately, there wasn't as many suggestions as I would have liked for the weakest power in need of a rebalance. Anywho, anyone who wants to test out Pummel might find it more satisfactory for those who want sharpening, but blunter."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Forgot to mention that Basic Economics got a scene and is up to 50% cap(instead of 33%)"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Parcel Service duty now includes making maps of the city by ground to deliver faster and better. The cap is raised from 33% to 50%!"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "The increased use of the cleared roads means more upkeep is required.(total man days of Road Upkeep increased, still comfortably at 100%)"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "New Edge: rpinfo verified perception"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "In theory, the preg quest can be completed with a knocked up mutant of the correct type."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "This will not work if an egg is requested."

[Update] : main Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Group Remort works, so far as I can tell. It can't increase your bonus past 25%, and you can't spend it on an edge, but as an upside, it doesn't affect the cost of your levelling."

[Update] : main Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Are you a member of a Soviet in these trying times? Well, now with Group Socialism you can be. Enjoy an increased productivity without increased pay. Just like real life."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch fizzles, "Fire Sprite now has both Color Chooser and Kemonomimi support!"

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch fizzles, "With the completed of the More Perky Mako Pool, all those who donated 50+ mako have been awarded their badges, and Vanity points have had their total increased by 5!"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "@room now supports societal land."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "duty now, for staff, tells them how to advance a duty due to scenes."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Societal lands now properly add to duties. Duties now degrade on the new day, instead of 24 hours from the last degrade. If they check and it was yesterday that they last degraded? They go ahead."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Gentle Entry Unit is debugged, which is good. Bugs don't belong around there."

[Update] : main Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Stygian, a Negative damage conversion recipe modifier(with DOT effects), is now available on the token store"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Avoidance dodging should avoid all the things properly, and dodge rate should display more honestly."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Dropped mysterious items should now yield delicious salvage!"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "It is now possible, on the salvage market page, to sell rare or elite salvage for 10 or 100 reward tokens instantly."

[Update] : main Hexaferrum punchily roos, "Graffito Nanomagic is now an item in the hydrodynamic tree. With it, you may spray messages in the rooms, much like a marketing kit, for the low-low price of 10 common chemical salvage. This is, I believe, an excellent deal compared to 2 mako for the marketing kit."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Alien Self agents should now be able to use passives/toggles they gain but will never master."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "When summoning a prime, it will say how many people will contribute to the summoning before you hit yes or no."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Residential's cap increased! Get on that!"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Head Splitter now available in the elite store for a paltry 20 mako! Two heads ARE better than one!"

[Update] : main Hexaferrum punchily roos, "Have you ever wanted to emulate Richard Nixon? Now you can! Recording Equipment is now available for purchase. Adding it to a room that you own causes the room to retain previous RP logs, much like a rented room does."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Parties should now automatically fix their name if they are not set to the current leader."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Web missions are operational once more!"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Sudden OneTwo reduced in charge by 600 to -1000. It is now entirely free, time wise, to use."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Brawler skill adjustments: Back Row 3>1, Avoidance 1>2, Endurance 2>3"